For the EIA Report I have to Make Comments on


Seriously, why can’t you have imperfections for me to find out. This report has like 150 pages and whatever fault I find it turns out not to be a flaw.


Feels something like this…

P.S: Don’t worry I still took out  7 to 8 comment. Not so perfect now are you miss perfect!!!

My First Job Experience: Hey I am an Unpaid Intern Now


Yup I got an internship at Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and I am loving it. There is so much peace, cleanliness, and freedom to put my veil down (when there are no men around). The labs are fantastic and everyone is very respectable. And the library. Oh, its amazing. Its small, cozy, and has free WiFi. And books. All those books about environment.


I hope I love it throughout the way.



Here’s How Your Brain “Sees” A Business or Blog’s Logo -Infographic

Ever wanted to know what goes through your brain when you see a new business logo in your mind…? Well check out the infographic below!


Source: Here’s How Your Brain “Sees” A Business or Blog’s Logo -Infographic (For Book, Beauty, Writing Bloggers & More)

I Have 100 Followers At Last!!!

Happiness is bursting out of me 😀 Hey, I have 100 followers. Oh, I am so excited!!!


I want to thank God. I want to thank all of those who appreciated me and inspired me to write this blog and to make it better. I want to thank all of those who corrected me and guided me. I wanted to thank all my followers. 

Oh my God, I am just so happy!!!

I am trying to improve my blog and make it more successful. See, I have made a new header. Or rather my first proper header :-p. Please do tell me if you like it (or even if you don’t).


I have also made my blog’s personal signature.

my signature

I have been slow at having followers because I don’t write frequently, but in the last two months the number of followers increased from 30 something to 100. I hope that I get more followers.

I am just so excited that I don’t know what to write in this post 😀

I just hope that all my followers keep on reading my posts and liking them. I also hope that you don’t hit the unfollow button. 

Happy Birthday My Dear Best Friend

mYou felt very hurt when I told you that our friendship won’t last, that we will forget each other after college. Well, here I am two years after leaving college, calling you my best friend and wishing you happy birthday. This is me remembering you. Due to the distances between us I was not able to give you any gift, so this is my gift for you…


This post is dedicated to my best friend, Yumna. She is one of the best things that happened to me. She is one of those people, whom I admire and take inspiration from.

I met Yumna when I took admission in college. I remember how different we were initially from each other. She was a geek and had the highest marks in matric in our class. I was good at studies, but I was not a geek. I mean I had 82% marks in matric, and she had  90% marks. She was very intelligent.

When we had our first papers, Yumna, Nida, and I got the first three positions. That was when we started talking to each other. That was the time from where our beautiful friendship began. In the final exams of 11th and 12th grade we were the top three position holders.

With the help of God, she taught me many things. She made me into a geek like her. She made me realize how much hard work I needed to do. I remember how we all had fun. We used to study in our free periods :-D. But that was far more fun than you can imagine. We all wanted to take medical as our career (we all didn’t achieve that goal though).

I was usually the second position holder, and she was usually the third position holder. But she never envied me. She never hated me. She never got angry with me. She used to be happy for me and always cheered me on.


We prepared for our practical exam on mobile phone, literally!!!!

I remember the worried look on her face when I entered ,while crying, into the examination hall for biology’s paper. I remember how she left her seat, came to me and tried to sooth me.

One thing I love about our friendship was that I could discuss the whole paper with Yumna after it was over. Others used to be very unhappy and angry about discussing the paper. But she used to be eager to do that.

Above all, she was a very good person. She was honest, loyal, and intelligent. She was far more a good friend to me than I was to her. She was the person who understood me. She was the one who used to listen to all my stupid talks. I used to tease her that she was a leo. That she had long hands that were designed to slap hard :-D.

But Yumna. I really love you. And I really miss you. I won’t forget you ever. And if you are reading this (I’ll make that happen for sure :-D), know that you are a source of admiration for me. I will always love you. May that long and beautiful smile always stay on your face! May you be successful in your life and chemical career! With all the best wishes. Happy Birthday Yumna.


True Confidence Takes Much More Confidence

I have always regarded physical confidence as true confidence.  A person who express his or her ideas without fear, speaks freely in front of a large audience (without shaking hands and shaking voice), and communicates to others easily, was an ideal example of confidence for me. What other definition of confidence is there, right??? Well, let’s see what else in there that defines confidence.


I didn’t knew that a shy person can be confident too. Well, I didn’t till someone told me that. It happened like this.

I was sitting outside my department with my friends. While we were talking, I took out my lunch box from my bag. My lunch typically consists of an omelette sandwich (I think that day I had this lunch). I took out the sandwich and began eating it. My friend, I saw, was observing me keenly. Her face was showing that she was amazed by something. She asked me that how do I do that. I was quite surprised by her  question. Then she told me that I am so confident. She told me how she had trouble eating from a lunch box in front other people, how she feels so shy among other. I replied that she was one of the most confident friends I know. Then I realized that I am confident in my  own way. 

images (1)

I may be very shy and afraid (I have overcome my fear to great extent), but I have confidence in my judgement. Actually I am quite indecisive,so lets make this as I am confident in my judgement of right and wrong. I have the confidence to say “Sorry, I do not know the answer.” I have the confidence to accept in front of others that I love to eat rice with my hands. That I feel that I have eaten nothing if I have eaten rice with spoon. I am confident in being me. In doing the right and accepting when I am wrong. I am confident in being myself. I may not be completely physically confident, but I  am self confident.

SL 2This brings us to another problem. What is the link between confidence and bravery?

Less well thought answer is that whoever is confident is brave.

More well thought answer is that a confident person may or may not be brave.

What??? How can a confident person not be brave??

Well, I can give you an example. A girl I know which I can call as the most confident girl was giving a presentation in the class. The topic was not of her field of study, but she delivered a fantastic presentation. I was highly impressed. She also asked questions from us. I would have given her 10/10 marks. Well, when the presentation ended,one of my class fellows wanted to ask a question from her. What she did??? She held out a finger to my friend, silencing her from asking any question, and said, “Don’t do this with me.”

giphy (5)

What do you think about think? At that moment all the impact of her presentation fell off and I thought that she is not brave, just confident. You will also meet many people that are confident, yet they lie. And as per my mother’s saying, people who lie are not brave enough to tell truth.

So, here’s the recipe of true confidence.

Physical confidence + Self confidence =  True confidence

So what I want to say is that true confidence encompasses physical confidence, self confidence, bravery, and so many other things. So, if you have one of these ingredients, strive to obtain the others too. Only when you’ll have all these ingredients you will be confident. Really and truly confident.

“Which One Do You Feel Comfortable to Communicate With, Speaking Or Writing?”

This question was originally asked by my English teacher during one of our classes.  At first, I got confused because I wasn’t asked ever before to choose between speaking and writing, but then I made my choice and replied, “Writing, of course.”


Well, I can say that she was quite surprised when many of us answered that they feel comfortable with writing. She, herself, as I could see by the look on her face, prefered speaking over writing.

giphy (5)

She told us that speaking is easier and better because of many reasons. I am listing only a few of them.

  1. Speaking requires gestures only and you don’t have to waste a lot of words to explain you emotions.
  2. You can shape your words by adjusting them to the mood of your listeners. You can even change your way of speaking to be more convincing. You can defend yourself, whenever required.
  3. No Punctuation is required.
  4. You can communicate in two way manner. You can observe the response of the audience to what you are communicating.
  5. Speech has its own grammar. So, you can be easy at grammar usage. For example, you don’t have to use complete sentences at times.

I said that I feel comfortable with writing. Maybe it’s because I love writing. I am very shy in formal settings, while I am very confident in informal ones. So in formal setting I can communicate better in writing. I mean I love to express myself through colorful adjectives. I also feel that through writing I can communicate my ideas more effectively, and more confidently.

images (1)

The best thing about writing is that you don’t have to see the faces of your listeners. You can communicate without caring for the response you’ll get. Writing makes you more brave. I love that writing has a structure and organization. You may not think before speaking, but you think before writing, so there are fewer mistakes. 

It’s also easy to settle disputes and say you’re sorry through writing. You can say sorry to a friend who doesn’t even agrees to talk to you in school by texting her a long and elaborate apology with a lot of plzzzzzz….. Trust me, I have done this before and it is effective. 

Writing provides evidence. You can keep copies and do not have to worry about getting trouble for something that you didn’t do or say.

But,I do love speaking too. I love speaking in informal setting, such as in friends, class fellows and family. I love making new friends and I usually don’t have any trouble doing that. I am also trying to love speaking in formal settings. To express my ideas more confidently and fully.

Although I am a very talkative person, I feel uncomfortable with speaking in formal settings, such as in front of guests, in presentations, etc.

So, till the time that I become confident, I definitely love writing. Although I am good in public speaking, I would like to get better at it.


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