A Key-Chains Destiny

She found her lips curling up as she rattled the keys in her hand. Somehow, the rattling sound was giving her a sense of ownership and happiness, something she never felt before. She carefully observed the silver key chain in her hand.


“When did I get it?”, she thought to herself.

The key chain was a gift from her uncle that she received when she was 19 years old. At that time she thought of it as a souvenir from France that she had no reason to bring in use as she didn’t have any keys for the key-chain to hold. But, now things had changed. Just by looking at the keys, she could see how much she had matured over the past few years.

From an aimless girl to a strong one.

From a person who never cared about her clothing to a relatively sophisticated one.

From someone who never believed in herself to a confident one.

She was now a senior student with a job as well as the responsibility of her workplace.

“I hope I can protect what I have and perform my duties well!”, she thought to herself.

“So this was the key-chains destiny”


Running Away!

She entered her room hastily and closed the door. She couldn’t bear to listen to her parents’ conversation. Only because it conveyed her a message. The message that she was growing up. She couldn’t bear the mere thought of leaving her comfort zone. Her home. How could she go away from a brother who does nothing but love her? Who she loved so much. How could she go away from her sister with whom she shared every laugh, joke, and feeling? How could she get away from her mother who loved her above all else? A father who loved her no matter what. But this was essential. And was going to happen one way or another. It was going to happen someday. And she would have to accept it that day. you_can__t_run_forever_by_freespirit1224-d31dcb0.jpg


Sorry, but Not Sorry

“I am sorry,” she said as if to put period to our long argument. But the look in her eyes. I had never seen it before. For a girl as gentle and kind as her, she looked vicious. Her eyes were focused right at me. There was an awkward stillness in them. She kept her eyes on me, her head a bit slanted, her arms crossed, as I reached the door. “I mean it,” she said, “I shouldn’t have hurt you.” I turned around feeling a bit of guilt in her voice, but all I saw was a ferocious animal with stone eyes. I reached for the handle. I knew her sorry was nothing but a formality. She would attack me again, whenever she deems it necessary. But I left the room hoping time would make her realize her mistake. As time, itself, is a great teacher…


For the EIA Report I have to Make Comments on


Seriously, why can’t you have imperfections for me to find out. This report has like 150 pages and whatever fault I find it turns out not to be a flaw.


Feels something like this…

P.S: Don’t worry I still took out  7 to 8 comment. Not so perfect now are you miss perfect!!!

Inspirational Hotspots for My Inspired Writing


If I do not feel inspired, I do not write. If someone asks me why haven’t you blogging from such a long time, I answer that because I was out of inspiration. In Urdu it looks awesome and goes something like this “Yar, amd amd nahi horahi.” So, I thought I should share some of my inspirational hotspots with you. Some of them are quite funny and I hope you would enjoy reading them.

  1. My most favorite inspirational hotspot is when I am riding home from university in a van on a car bench with 4 people sitting on it. Ideas pop up in my mind while I have my head and my arm out of the window (my shoulder is out too because of the lack of space).Squeeze
  2. Reading a book also inspires me to write. Especially when I am reading a novel.girl-reading-book-books-to-read-3325650-321-400
  3. Weather. Umm, I need no words for this one. Rain turns me into a philosopher.rain
  4. Sometimes I get inspired while I am making something. Check this out! One of my most prized possession. advanced-cook-like-a-pro
  5. Mostly, I feel inspired by the people around me. I love understanding human nature and it gives me ideas to write. My family and friends are my inspiration. Their love inspires me.209865-If-You-Are-In-My-Life-I-Am-Inspired-By-You-In-Some-Shape-Or-Form
  6. What goes on with my life is my biggest inspiration. If I learn something new, I have to share it.

Do you blog when you are inspired enough or are you a daily blogger? What are your inspirational hotspots?inspiration