From Special to Non-Existant

Have you ever traveled by air? Whenever I travel by air, I love looking out of the window as the airplane takes off. First you see the ground of the airport. As the plane travels higher in air, you can see few houses, cars, parks, rivers, buildings, etc. And then as time passes on, the houses look smaller units and trees look as some green area. Just about 10 minutes later you see nothing but the clouds and the sky. That is when I realize our reality. What are we? We care about so ordinary things. Which car we have, how high our buildings are, what is the color of our skin, how big is our house, are we wearing branded clothes, and so on. Things that are not even visible when looked at from a distance. When we are looked at from high above, we become part of one. Our house look alike, our billboard are non-existent, our cars are just cars. 


Just move at bit more away from us and earth seems just all the planets. Our sun looks like a star. If we move further away, we become nothing. 


We have to move on from our petty problems. We have to establish peace. We have to take care of each other, because we are all the same. We are life. And only that matters.  

Humans are the biggest Enemies of Themselves


Ah… I don’t know why but whenever I this portion of wall around our university which fell down, when a large billboard from within our university fell upon it, I always think that man is the biggest enemy of himself. Although the billboard broke down due to thunderstorm, but hadn’t it been there there had been no destruction. We humans and our stupid little businesses. I am sorry but I am truly pissed off.


I know that doomsday is going to come for us because of us. God’s going to be angry at us for the limits we will cross like trying to achieve immortality. Seriously, do we have to interfere with every thing.

We human beings destroyed the atmosphere forming a hole in the ozone layer without even touching it :-O. Wow. There must be an heavy applause for us.

Just try to imagine. A race of at most 6 feet organisms are eating our Earth which has a radius of only 6384000 meters.


So true:-P

I think I need to drink some water because I am really pissed off with my own species.


P.S: I am not angry all the time. It’s just for today. Don’t be angry with me if you disagree.

How Can One Live Without Guilt?

If anyone doesn’t feel guilt, no matter what he/she does, it means that his/her soul is dead. If I see a little speck of guilt in somebody, I believe and hope that person will learn and excel in his/her life. I say, “Although that person did wrong, I know that she is not bad at heart. She is not bad. She’ll turn towards the right path someday. ” People who don’t feel guilty appear to me as soulless people. In such people guilt vanishes, only ego remains.  Their sense of right and wrong vanishes. They just wan’t what they want when they want. You can’t speak of truth in front of them. They won’t hear you. They will only drown you out with their loud voices and arguments.

So many things are said about happiness, confidence, and a large number of feelings. But a teacher of mine told me that you cannot achieve all good characteristics and cancel out the negative ones. We have to establish a balance between good and bad characteristic. For example, we cannot cancel out anger. Anger is essential at many points of out life. Likewise, guilt is an essential component of this balance.

Guilt is a gift of God. It makes you ponder on the sins you commit and makes you a better person. Guilt make you ask forgiveness. Guilt reminds you who you are and what you should be.


Holding yourself accountable is very good to some extent. If you hold yourself accountable for what you do or did, it will help you to improve yourself. If you’ll feel guilty and on error all the time, you’ll become an anxiety patient.

P.S: I am not talking extreme guilt cases. Only feeling guilty of your sins.

All Beautiful Colors A Lie

Fake: The beautiful red rose, the sunset, the sunrise, the clouds, the sky, and the beautiful colors in an artist’s painting that we love and admire.

imageColors don’t have there own existence. Put a beautiful red rose in dark and what’s its color, black.

The phenomenon of reflection, absorption, scattering, and refraction of white light gives colors to objects. Yes, only white light is real while the rest is fake and non existent. Scattering enables us to see the beautiful colors of sky. Reflection gives an object its color.


When I studied these phenomenons, I thought all the things we love are fake. Beauty is fake. The beautiful faces that you love today will be just bones when it dies. The beautiful hairs, eyes, all will go to dust. What matter is that we ignore our fake love and love what’s real. What’s real is that man wasn’t send to earth for nothing. God sent us for some purpose. We have to find and fulfill our purposes. Life is too short to enjoy. Life requires seriousness. Life requires good deeds. All the superficial things are fake. The rank you’ve got, the car you drive, and your life is all in hands of God. We don’t control anything. We love fake things. Non existent things.

So come out of the superficial and find out what’s real. Try to love the white light, not its dispersal. 

Take a Break Studyholics!

largeSo, why am I asking you to take a break??? I know you all have important stuff going on. Some will be having assignments, some will be working to ensure better future, and some will be preparing for a test. But, what do you do when you are free? Let me guess, social networking, reading novels, watching T.V, watching movies, texting, or feeling anxious about what is going to happen tomorrow. What is relaxation? Pretty much it. But, what really is relaxation.

Recreational activities. Go out with you family or friends. Have a small picnic on a hill. Put your feet into cold fresh water. Go to an unpolluted place and take deep breaths of the fresh air. Have a good time with nature (City lights can’t keep you happy). Enjoy the green grass beneath you. Watch the bright sky above you. Look and feel the life around you.


Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Or have a get together at your home. Invite you cousins. Eat well. Sleep well.

Why??? I have observed that such activities keep you happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. One time I had to skip university as I had to go to my cousin’s wedding. I stayed there some three days, but I came home late at night. I had to go to uni the next day. Oh my God, I wasn’t prepared for a very important presentation on my research project in English. Wait, what happened then? It went amazingly well (on my part). I felt like I did a very well job.

Nowadays, I give myself one day per week (working days) to rest. It helps me keep my stress levels low.


I must also mention that I love staying at home. But, sometimes getting out of it is good too.

Here are some of the benefits of recreational activities:

  • Reduces obesity
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Reduces depression
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves quality of life

So, are you ready to give yourself a break?

The Versatile Blogger Award

Is this my first award? Yes. Did I just got nominated? Well, no. I was nominated by Lauren in January. Yes, I know I should be ashamed, but at that time I didn’t know how to respond to it. I had this fear and hesitation from answering awards. Well, now that I have observed other bloggers getting and answering awards, this fear has vanished to some extent.

Thank you Lauren for nominating me for this Award.


Note: Lauren’s blog got hacked, so now she writes here.

The rules are as follows:

1. Show the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs.

5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Ok, now here are some facts about me.

1. I am an open book. My family knows my secrets before I do. Usually, I have all my expressions written on my face.


Thats me.

2. I love reading novels and books. I have this secret wish to collect all the knowledge in this world.

iheartbooks (1)

3. I am strong lover and believer of moral values. I don’t cheat. I don’t lie. I don’t break a queue. I don’t copy paste (usually) in an assignment. It’s just not in me.


4.  I am very selective with food. I don’t eat meat, bitter gourd, fried egg…,and so on. My mother really gets annoyed with me on this. She tells me that I should be able to eat all vegetables, as everything has its own benefits. Other than food, I am not picky at all.


5. I love my religion and I hope to progress in it, InshaAllah.

6. My mother is my bestest friend (yes, I broke a grammer rule for her). I share everything with her.


7. I am hopelessly extrovert. If I am happy, I have to share it with everyone I love and care about. And when I am sad or worried, well everyone knows that. I am a social butterfly.


So, here are my nominees.

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Stop and Ponder

Sitting in the class, where we were talking about religions, a memory awakened in my mind. In order to make me understand that why do we need religion, my mother used to tell me, when I was a child, that whenever we buy a machine we are given a manual with it which explains how the machine works and what it can do, In the same way God is our Manufacturer and He has given us religion, and therefore a guide of how to spent our lives. We are made above all organisms because our brains not only process information, but also the ability to gain knowledge. Just because we have such a brain we go on in our lives and try to destroy nature. Just another day I was sitting in my geology class and my teacher, in a very light mood, said that an earthquake is nothing more than the relaxation of earth. This made me think of how trivial we are against all the things made by God. We cannot save ourselves from fire, water, earthquakes, volcanic eruption etc, not even from a mosquito with only one leg (I am referring to the death of the infidel Namrood by a one legged mosquito).  We are so trivial things and yet so proud of ourselves. We say that stars are not ever existing entities and they are continuously loosing energy. Why don’t we remember that our sun is also a star and is going to burn out someday? Like all things, the solar system will die.


We all know these things yet we behave like we own this world. We fight, we gamble, we put our elders into old houses, we lie, we cheat, we back bite, we make fun of others, we bully others, we hurt the people who love us and we do so many things that we can not even list them. We have very little time in our lives which is given to us so that we can please our God by doing good deeds. Good deeds not  only include  praying, but they also include helping others, being honest, following the rules, taking care of old people, taking care of the poor, helping others, etc.


We all aim to be a doctor, engineer, environmentalist, lawyer, G.M,  to be famous, to have a big car and lots and lots of money, but what we do not aim is to be a better person. When we do our daily routine by keeping it in mind that we want to please God and help His creations, then all the work that we do in our daily routine becomes a prayer.

Too Much Hatred…..I Can’t Take It

Please do read this if you are a responsible, intellectual, good, and peace loving person.

Why there is so much hatred in this world? Why instead of blaming the wrong people, we extend on blaming nationalities, races, and religions. Why do people speak ill about others without properly studying their perspective???

This all just annoys me alot!!!!!


You must all be thinking that why I am saying all this. Well, yesterday I searched for the tag ‘Islam’, and what did I see??? Numerous posts on Islamophobia filled with all the hatred about Islam. Hate speech is wrong no matter who does it. Hatred is wrong even when a Muslim utters the words of hatred for Non-Muslims. It is wrong in every way.

I know that not all the people are haters, there are only a few. And these few haters speak without having any knowledge. Saying that Muslim women are oppressed? They are treated like servants? They are forced into burqas? Well, I am a woman who wears Hijab. I adopted hijab at the age of 13 at my own will. We do hijab because it is  made compulsory by God to us and because we feel protected. The thing is if you force someone to obey you, you are asking for obligation and obligation does not comes with loyalty. To achieve loyalty values are to be adopted by will.

Dear readers, if you ever have visited my blog before then do tell me. Do you think that I am oppressed? Do you think that I am treated like a servant?

They say that Muslims are taught  by the Holy Quran against Christians. Well this is what my Prophet (S.A.W) says.

“This is a message written by Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, far and near, we are behind them. Verily, I defend them by myself, the servants, the helpers, and my followers, because Christians are my citizens; and by God! I hold out against anything that displeases them. No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be changed from their jobs, nor their monks from their monasteries. No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses. Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet. Verily, they (Christians) are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate. No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them. If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, this is not to take place without her own wish. She is not to be prevented from going to her church to pray. Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants. No one of the nation is to disobey this covenant till the Day of Judgment and the end of the world.”

Islam is a religion of peace and love. We Muslims are taught not to speak against other religions. Then why should others hurt us? If the terrorists are harming you, they are also harming us. In 2014, there was a terrorist attack on Army Public School, Rawalpindi. Many lives were lost. We, the whole nation, couldn’t forget this incident till many months.

There are good and bad people everywhere. Not all the Muslims are good, some maybe bad too. But not all Muslims are bad. Not all the Christians are good, some maybe bad too. So, don’t blame religions. Blame individuals. Focus on establishment of peace. Save yourself and others from doing wrong. 


Please do comment if you love peace and hate hate speeches.

Honesty, Loyalty, and Sincerity Cannot Be Achieved Through Security Cameras, But Through You

Throughout the whole period in which my professor taught us what corruption is, my unchangeable and obstinate stance has been this: ” You cannot achieve a Nation that is free from corruption solely by using force. Even if the goal is achieved, it will be for a short term. Long term loyalty and sincerity is not enforced, but infused. This infusion is done at best when a mother herself teaches her kid these values and tells her kid to be proud of keeping these values. One may not listen to his/her teacher, but as a mother is the first teacher, she can give her children these values. When a Nation is corrupt, then  corruption can be observed at all levels.  From extremely rich people to extremely poor people.People are dishonest. insincere, disloyal and corrupt even to the lowest level. Corrupt nations have deep roots of corruption and these roots cannot be removed by force.”

I say no.

I say no.

For starters, Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption hinders progress and development of any country. It hinders foreign investments and aids. Corruption is an evil. It hinders success.

anti-corruption (1)


We observe corruption everyday. We see people lying, cheating, working insincerily, breaking queues, bribing others, etc. So, don’t we witness corruption all the time? Yes, we do. Do you think of these acts as corruption? WelI, I do. These are the seed that grow into the plant of corruption. These are the roots, the basics, and they are not to be accepted.


Do you think that we can achieve or rather imitate these values by enforcing laws, strict punishment, and accountability? All of these measures are important and they must be used, but along with measures for behavioral change. Now-a-days, many countries are working with behavioral change as an anti corruption strategy. Anti corruption slogan are displayed on bills, in news, bill boards, etc., to make people aware of the evils of corruption.

I think that the following changes are required:

1. Establishment of no discrimination. There should be no discrimination among rich and poor, black and white, and between people of different religions, races and ethnic background.

2. People must be given there own rights, so that they may be satisfied from there own conditions. Officials that take care of taxes, police department, judges, etc., should be paid more, so they don’t involve themselves into corruption.

3. Children should be brought up in such a manner that when they grow up they not only follow these values,but also respect those who follow them.

4. Religious training and teaching should be given to children, so that they can learn the moral values.

5. For behavioral change, such courses should be designed for the students that explain the evils of corruption to the students.

6. Patriotism should be infused into children.

You can save yourself and others from corruption. You, as an individual, have the power to change yourself. as well as others. You are the step takers. So, take a step and get freedom from corruption.

you can stop corruption_FEMZ