How to Detect Plastics in Your Food?

Although there are many ways to check plastics in your food (Such as checking physical properties, using microscope, etc.), the most practical way i guess is flame testing. Precaution in such testing is inevitable as certain polyvinyl chloride compounds liberate a small amount of chlorine when heated. Hence, all flame testing should be performed within a well ventilated room. The type of plastic can be identified using visual and odor clues (Table 1).

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Watch me Get Over Dramatic :-p You’ll Enjoy!

I put my hands on the counter with despair. How can I be so easily tempted to something like that? I look at the counter with longing and fear. I know this decision can affect me badly. I have worked so hard for this opportunity to come. I know I should not mess with it. I cough a little to clear my throat. But what more harm can it bring to me? I have been feeling bad for a couple of weeks. I don’t think this make it any worse. Despite all the careful thinking, I want it. I want it very bad.

The more I try to fight this temptation, the more it grows. My mind is losing against my heart. I never make decisions like this, I remind myself. But it’s of no use.

Desperately, I run to my sister and ask her for advice. Her wise answer is the same as of my mind’s. I go back to where I stood first.

My mind has finally lost and my heart has won. I go to the place where the red bucket sits comfortably. I open the lid and take out a packet. A devil in disguise, I think to myself. I take a pot, fill it with some water, and place it on the stove that is breathing angry fire. I tear open the packet and empty it in the pot. The smell is so beautiful or maybe the temptation has amplified it. As soon my work gets done, I take the pot off the stove.

I tell my sister, “What can I do if I like spicy noodles? I know I have to go to university and do community work after a couple of days, but I have been going through this off and on flu thing for weeks. I don’t think spiny noodles can give me a sore throat.”

P.S: I am enjoying my spicy noodles. Yummy!!! Hey,was that dramatic enough?