Living in a Dystopian World

What usually happens in a dystopian novel? Some brutal government, people living under the influence of cruel leaders, rights being denied to poor, brutal deaths, and so on. And then come the great protagonists. Those who are the saviors of the weak. Those who gather other for change. Those who train, those who fight, those who strive hard, those who survive, and those who sacrifice.

How we love such novels. How we adore the strategy our heroes make?


Well, look around. Once you see a news channel, what do you hear? The same situation,

Some brutal government, people living under the influence of cruel leaders, rights being denied to poor, brutal deaths, and so on.

Look at Kashmir. Look at Turkey. Look at the people who are terrorized by ISIS and other terrorists. Look at the number of people who have died at the hands of terrorists….


When I heard about the attempted coup in Turkey, I couldn’t help noticing the strategic mind behind that. The way they attacked and captured airports and national channel. I mean they tried to take over by making a statement that they have the airports, etc.

By observing the world affairs, I reached to the conclusion that we are at war. We are all fighting for something. We  are all under fear. We are the protagonists. We are the part of  a dystopian world.


Inspirational Hotspots for My Inspired Writing


If I do not feel inspired, I do not write. If someone asks me why haven’t you blogging from such a long time, I answer that because I was out of inspiration. In Urdu it looks awesome and goes something like this “Yar, amd amd nahi horahi.” So, I thought I should share some of my inspirational hotspots with you. Some of them are quite funny and I hope you would enjoy reading them.

  1. My most favorite inspirational hotspot is when I am riding home from university in a van on a car bench with 4 people sitting on it. Ideas pop up in my mind while I have my head and my arm out of the window (my shoulder is out too because of the lack of space).Squeeze
  2. Reading a book also inspires me to write. Especially when I am reading a novel.girl-reading-book-books-to-read-3325650-321-400
  3. Weather. Umm, I need no words for this one. Rain turns me into a philosopher.rain
  4. Sometimes I get inspired while I am making something. Check this out! One of my most prized possession. advanced-cook-like-a-pro
  5. Mostly, I feel inspired by the people around me. I love understanding human nature and it gives me ideas to write. My family and friends are my inspiration. Their love inspires me.209865-If-You-Are-In-My-Life-I-Am-Inspired-By-You-In-Some-Shape-Or-Form
  6. What goes on with my life is my biggest inspiration. If I learn something new, I have to share it.

Do you blog when you are inspired enough or are you a daily blogger? What are your inspirational hotspots?inspiration

Hidden Rooms….Ooo, Mysterious!!!

If you used to read novels like Enid Blyton’s “Famous five”, you would know what this is about. Have you ever wanted a hidden passage or a hidden room in your home? Oh, I would love to have one in my home. I used to plan one in my mind when my house was under construction (Another wish that never came true) Well, I did see one secret stair case behind a cupboard in a room’s corner in my aunt’s old house. She told me how awesome it was to visit that house. I can imagine that.

I have collected pictures of such secret rooms and passages through web. Let’s have a look at them.

1. A Narnia Closet.


2. Ok. This one gives me creeps. 219

3. Hide your favorite car below gravel.


4. I love this rooms below floorboard thing!


5. I want to jump in this one.


6. Ok. Now this is amazing.


7. Slide to a secret room without any one knowing.


8. This staircase opens into a secret room.


9. Hidden staircase behind functional cabinets.


10.  A secret playroom can be fun.1 2

Books should not be left in the middle…I know…but

So, here is the list of books I left once I started them. Yup, I know I shouldn’t but believe me I tried my best to finish them.


  1. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Uff. This book is impossible to read. I bought this book after reading its short story because I liked it. But I couldn’t get through 20 pages. Even those who borrowed it from me left it unread.


2. Sense and Sensibility

I loved this book, but I left it after reading 200 plus pages. I obtained this book from the library for 30 days. I think the time span helped me decide I wasn’t as interested in the novel as I thought I was. So, I returned it to the library.


3- Aleph by Paulo Cohelo


4- The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

I read like 70 pages of this one and I loved them, but sciency thing become boring after 70 pages.





An Excerpt From Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us”

IN A DREAM, you walk outside to find your familiar landscape swarming with fantastic beings. Depending on where you live, there might be deer with antlers thick as tree boughs, or something resembling a live armored tank. There’s a herd of what look like camels—except they have trunks. Furry rhinoceroses, big hairy elephants, and even bigger sloths—sloths?? Wild horses of all sizes and stripe. Panthers with seven-inch fangs and alarmingly tall cheetahs. Wolves, bears, and lions so huge, this must be a nightmare.

A dream, or a congenital memory? This was precisely the world that Homo sapiens stepped into as we spread beyond Africa, all the way to America. Had we never appeared, would those now-missing mammals still be here? If we go, will they be back?