A story that I wrote in my class

Our teacher told us to write a story on the following subject in half an hour, so here it is.


Married to a murderer

“How can you say such a thing? Have you ever thought about the consequences you would have to face after marrying him?” Ella’s mother had said when she told her about John’s proposal and she was right. It was a very stupid thing to consider but Ella didn’t care for a word that her mother said. She had this passion to be able to change a bad person into a good person. John was by no means a match to her. On one hand he was 10 years older than her and on the other hand he was a murderer. All that Ella was attracted to him was the little speck of goodness that he had in him. Although it was burried deep down, she hoped that maybe a little care can revive that goodness that he once had. There came a time when she thought that he would never change, when she thought of giving up, but she continued to care for him, save him, and make him into a good man. She spent all her life in  his service and here she was standing and looking at him from a distance as he was distributing gifts among homeless children. In his eyes she could see the kindness, love and goodness that she could see when he was a child. She knew him since her childhood. Although it had been a long struggle, it did end successfully.

“Hey, Ella. Come here,” he said excitedly. His eyes were full of hope and kindness. Ella dismissed the thoughts of her long struggle and went to him.

P.S: Remember that I’am a science student and english is not my mother language. And I did make some corrections.