Right to Unlimited Internet

“Everyone is entitled to the right to unlimited internet.” (Its made up. But I want it to become an international human right. Seriously :-D)

If you are someone with unlimited internet, you are truly blessed. I was blessed myself until my father (for my sake) changed our internet package from unlimited to limited (but with much higher internet speed). Yeah I know what you are thinking. I did try to reverse his action but then I was told bythe service providers that that package had expired. Oh! You can’t imagine how sad I was. I actually cried.Our limit was 10 GB. Obviously that could not happen so we updated first to a 15 GB package then to 20 GB package.

When you have limited internet package, you feel claustrophobic. You feel depressed. You feel unable to breath. 


And then the fear. The constant fear of letting the bill go beyond package. They charge us 100 Rupees for 1 GB extra. So, I use everything very carefully. Even I have to blog carefully as one post costs me some 200 MB. I measure and plan how much internet we have to use daily. Almost 600 MB that is. But still sometimes a lot of internet gets used through mobiles. I usually keep the use of internet to laptop only, but you know can’t restrict your whole family to do so.

I have an app to check my data usage. It looks like this.


In the past few days I was at my uncles house. There I had no headaches. I felt so good to not count my MBs once. To feel freedom. Sweet sweet freedom.



Take a Break Studyholics!

largeSo, why am I asking you to take a break??? I know you all have important stuff going on. Some will be having assignments, some will be working to ensure better future, and some will be preparing for a test. But, what do you do when you are free? Let me guess, social networking, reading novels, watching T.V, watching movies, texting, or feeling anxious about what is going to happen tomorrow. What is relaxation? Pretty much it. But, what really is relaxation.

Recreational activities. Go out with you family or friends. Have a small picnic on a hill. Put your feet into cold fresh water. Go to an unpolluted place and take deep breaths of the fresh air. Have a good time with nature (City lights can’t keep you happy). Enjoy the green grass beneath you. Watch the bright sky above you. Look and feel the life around you.


Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Or have a get together at your home. Invite you cousins. Eat well. Sleep well.

Why??? I have observed that such activities keep you happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. One time I had to skip university as I had to go to my cousin’s wedding. I stayed there some three days, but I came home late at night. I had to go to uni the next day. Oh my God, I wasn’t prepared for a very important presentation on my research project in English. Wait, what happened then? It went amazingly well (on my part). I felt like I did a very well job.

Nowadays, I give myself one day per week (working days) to rest. It helps me keep my stress levels low.


I must also mention that I love staying at home. But, sometimes getting out of it is good too.

Here are some of the benefits of recreational activities:

  • Reduces obesity
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Reduces depression
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves quality of life

So, are you ready to give yourself a break?