True Confidence Takes Much More Confidence

I have always regarded physical confidence as true confidence.  A person who express his or her ideas without fear, speaks freely in front of a large audience (without shaking hands and shaking voice), and communicates to others easily, was an ideal example of confidence for me. What other definition of confidence is there, right??? Well, let’s see what else in there that defines confidence.


I didn’t knew that a shy person can be confident too. Well, I didn’t till someone told me that. It happened like this.

I was sitting outside my department with my friends. While we were talking, I took out my lunch box from my bag. My lunch typically consists of an omelette sandwich (I think that day I had this lunch). I took out the sandwich and began eating it. My friend, I saw, was observing me keenly. Her face was showing that she was amazed by something. She asked me that how do I do that. I was quite surprised by her  question. Then she told me that I am so confident. She told me how she had trouble eating from a lunch box in front other people, how she feels so shy among other. I replied that she was one of the most confident friends I know. Then I realized that I am confident in my  own way. 

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I may be very shy and afraid (I have overcome my fear to great extent), but I have confidence in my judgement. Actually I am quite indecisive,so lets make this as I am confident in my judgement of right and wrong. I have the confidence to say “Sorry, I do not know the answer.” I have the confidence to accept in front of others that I love to eat rice with my hands. That I feel that I have eaten nothing if I have eaten rice with spoon. I am confident in being me. In doing the right and accepting when I am wrong. I am confident in being myself. I may not be completely physically confident, but I  am self confident.

SL 2This brings us to another problem. What is the link between confidence and bravery?

Less well thought answer is that whoever is confident is brave.

More well thought answer is that a confident person may or may not be brave.

What??? How can a confident person not be brave??

Well, I can give you an example. A girl I know which I can call as the most confident girl was giving a presentation in the class. The topic was not of her field of study, but she delivered a fantastic presentation. I was highly impressed. She also asked questions from us. I would have given her 10/10 marks. Well, when the presentation ended,one of my class fellows wanted to ask a question from her. What she did??? She held out a finger to my friend, silencing her from asking any question, and said, “Don’t do this with me.”

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What do you think about think? At that moment all the impact of her presentation fell off and I thought that she is not brave, just confident. You will also meet many people that are confident, yet they lie. And as per my mother’s saying, people who lie are not brave enough to tell truth.

So, here’s the recipe of true confidence.

Physical confidence + Self confidence =  True confidence

So what I want to say is that true confidence encompasses physical confidence, self confidence, bravery, and so many other things. So, if you have one of these ingredients, strive to obtain the others too. Only when you’ll have all these ingredients you will be confident. Really and truly confident.

Honesty, Loyalty, and Sincerity Cannot Be Achieved Through Security Cameras, But Through You

Throughout the whole period in which my professor taught us what corruption is, my unchangeable and obstinate stance has been this: ” You cannot achieve a Nation that is free from corruption solely by using force. Even if the goal is achieved, it will be for a short term. Long term loyalty and sincerity is not enforced, but infused. This infusion is done at best when a mother herself teaches her kid these values and tells her kid to be proud of keeping these values. One may not listen to his/her teacher, but as a mother is the first teacher, she can give her children these values. When a Nation is corrupt, then  corruption can be observed at all levels.  From extremely rich people to extremely poor people.People are dishonest. insincere, disloyal and corrupt even to the lowest level. Corrupt nations have deep roots of corruption and these roots cannot be removed by force.”

I say no.

I say no.

For starters, Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption hinders progress and development of any country. It hinders foreign investments and aids. Corruption is an evil. It hinders success.

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We observe corruption everyday. We see people lying, cheating, working insincerily, breaking queues, bribing others, etc. So, don’t we witness corruption all the time? Yes, we do. Do you think of these acts as corruption? WelI, I do. These are the seed that grow into the plant of corruption. These are the roots, the basics, and they are not to be accepted.


Do you think that we can achieve or rather imitate these values by enforcing laws, strict punishment, and accountability? All of these measures are important and they must be used, but along with measures for behavioral change. Now-a-days, many countries are working with behavioral change as an anti corruption strategy. Anti corruption slogan are displayed on bills, in news, bill boards, etc., to make people aware of the evils of corruption.

I think that the following changes are required:

1. Establishment of no discrimination. There should be no discrimination among rich and poor, black and white, and between people of different religions, races and ethnic background.

2. People must be given there own rights, so that they may be satisfied from there own conditions. Officials that take care of taxes, police department, judges, etc., should be paid more, so they don’t involve themselves into corruption.

3. Children should be brought up in such a manner that when they grow up they not only follow these values,but also respect those who follow them.

4. Religious training and teaching should be given to children, so that they can learn the moral values.

5. For behavioral change, such courses should be designed for the students that explain the evils of corruption to the students.

6. Patriotism should be infused into children.

You can save yourself and others from corruption. You, as an individual, have the power to change yourself. as well as others. You are the step takers. So, take a step and get freedom from corruption.

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