Just a Humble Fan of Understanding Human Behavior

If I will not be able to become a doctor, I will like to become a psychologist.”

I really love psychology. I mean you look at someone and you immediately know that this person is good or bad, confident or in-confident, responsible or irresponsible, weak or strong, and so on. Psychology can either make your life easier or it can make it miserable. You may not trust anyone and it may become difficult for you to cooperate with the people around you. However, the biggest reason to love it is that you can help special children. I think that is a reason enough to love psychology.


“Hey, I do not believe in astrology. I only observe people and read about different horoscopes, as I believe that people born in the same month have similar characteristics. It just makes it easier for me to deal with different people.”


Let’s look at an example.

I am a Libra. I always had difficulty dealing with Aquarius people. But, then in college I made an Aquarius friend. I studied her behavior and through that I learned to deal with these people.

I used to tell her that, “You are under my observation, you know?” She used to smile and say, “Yes, I know.”

I learned that the people of this particular horoscope have mood swings. They may become very annoying from time to time. If you deal this through fighting, you are at loss. So, the best way to deal with them is to give them some space and keep a light mood.

I learned that they love you, but they show there love through fulfilling there duties. They love gossips (nearly all Aquarius women are like that). They are very intelligent. They will keep your secrets even after you become there enemies.

You know, I don’t understand people at times. Some people may appear very bad from the outside, but they may prove to be very good at heart. It is very difficult to judge human behavior and to make a distinction between good and bad for me.

You know some friends of yours don’t have a very good reputation, but sometimes they do something really good for you. I believe that one should be good to everyone, even such people. Maybe your personality can have some affect on them and by the way everyone has the tendency to become better. Sometimes that person turns out to have very good qualities that you might even not have.

But remember don’t trust anyone with your eyes closed.

Sometimes I want to know other people just to keep a check on my own personality. Just to keep it balanced and good.


P.S: This post is sounding like ‘Once Upon A Time’ to me. You know with the snow white’s good and the evil queen’s evil :-D. But what can we do, such a distinction exists. 

Moreover, I am becoming an Environmental Scientist. I love this field of study and I really happy with it, Alhamdulillah.

I Have 94% Extrovert Personality

Odd title. Right?? I wanted to write about my extrovert personality from a long time, but I wasn’t sure if I am an extrovert or not. Well, not until I took this personality quiz. This test’s results showed that I am 94% extrovert.


Why I was confused about being an extrovert?? Well, you know some people say that horoscopes do not make up your personality, your personality is the result of the way and circumstances that you are brought up in. Parenting shapes personalities. Now, my mother is pisces and I am a Libra. I know right??? How  can a libra be an introvert. Libra people are definitely extroverts. But being the daughter of a pisces mother, my personality is that of a libra as well as pisces.


I am shy like my mother. I don’t laugh, I smile. I love books. I love to carefully plan everything. I am day by day realizing that I am a perfectionist, just like my mother. Although I tell my mother that I like realistic endings, but deep in my heart I know that I always like happy endings.

Just like an introvert, sometimes I want to be left alone for sometime. I often refuse to get out of the house. I even refuse to talk on the telephone. I am afraid that if I fail to recognize that voice on the phone, I’ll make a fool out of myself.

f3393d5d9abf84f1c570560cf0a8430fBut, I know that I am an extrovert because I don’t like to be left alone. I like to keep my mind busy all the time.

Whenever I like something, I have to share my excitement with everyone. I even express my stress to everyone. This relaxes me. In the case of introverts, I have noticed that they accumulate stress. This can destroy them. Let it out!!!

Like a libra, I was overconfident when I was a child. Now, I am not even confident. But I am trying my best to gain confidence.

Like an extrovert, I love making new friends. I have a large number of friends and I love them all. I can easily start a conversation.

Like an extrovert, I love getting my voice heard. I want to have my own identity. I do not highly enjoy being the centre of attention, but I do like being recognized. I love to participate in every discussion. Unlike my mother I love participating in class discussions.

istockphoto_12181059-business-people-sitting-together-and-having-a-joyful-time PAID FOR

One of my greatest problems is that my face shows my emotions like an open book. Everyone can see what I am feeling. I can not conceal my feelings. Many a times when I am angry or sad or bored, my family members tell me “Just look at your face!!”  One time when I discussed this problem with my aunt, she told me that this is good, because this means that you are still honest, that you are not insincere. Well introversion is not being insincere. So this is a topic for another day.

intro_extroverted_person-01So, are you an extrovert, or an introvert?? Or are you still figuring it out like me?