Her Eyes…..

Her eyes don’t see me, but look through me. She carefully studies my face with those understanding eyes of her whenever I talk to her. It’s not like I don’t know she is studying me, I let her. I let her see into my mind. I like it. In front of her, I am open book. Her eyes get all my emotion. She knows if I am angry, or happy, or doubtful, or sarcastic. She knows the stories untold by me. I know her eyes very well too. I can see what is going on in her. When she likes something, her eyes glow. When she is sad, I can feel her sadness. She loves me like no one in the world can. We fight sometimes, but we cannot live without each other. She is my teacher. She is my doctor. She is my personal psychologists. She is a perfect adviser. She know when toscold me and when to patronize me. She is my everything. She is my mother.

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May you always be with me, Mom (I.A).

Super Easy Potato fritters (Aloo ke pakoray) Recipe

I can express myself in English normally, but when it comes to recipes, I have to look (more specifically google) the names of ingredients in English from Urdu. Pakoras are a very famous South Asian dish. Especially in Ramdan they are considered an essential snack for Iftar. So, here goes my mom’s recipe for making potato fritters.



2 medium sized potatoes (pealed and sliced into circular slices)

1 cup gram flour

1 teaspoon heaped of red chilli powder*

2 or 3 pinches of carom seeds/ ajwain

2 green chilli

Some Coriander leaves (chop into smaller pieces)

1 pinch of baking powder (sodium bicarbonate soda)

2/3 teaspoon of salt (heaped)*

*Note: If you are using a 5 ml teaspoon than there is no need of heaping, you can add leveled teaspoon. Also the salt and red chilli powder can be adjusted according to your taste. If you taste the batter you’ll know how much of these ingredients are required.




  1. First of all add all ingredient into gram flour and add a little water to form a slurry. The slurry should not be very thick or thin. Just a small amount of water will be required.
  2. Now, take a utensil or pot in which the pakoras are to be deep fried.
  3. Take a potato slice, dip it in the slurry you have made to make a cover over it, and add to the pot for deep frying.
  4. Add as much slices in the same manner that the utensil can hold.
  5. Remember that the flame should be high while adding slices, then you can turn it to medium.
  6. Deep fry until the skin becomes nearly dark brown (see the picture).
  7. Now, serve with chat masala or ketchup.

Easy, Quick and Delicious Russian Salad

I love recipes that are simple and require no fancy ingredients. So, I made Russian salad by following this recipe for breaking fast. I would have posted some pics of my salad, but didn’t got the chance to do so.

My salad looked something like this.



1 cup carrots (boiled)

1 cup potatoes (boiled)

½ cup of peas (boiled)

2 cucumbers

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp. castor sugar

½ tsp black pepper

4 tbsp. mayonnaise (heaped)

2 tbsp. cream

1 egg boiled


  1. Cut carrot into cubes and boil them. After they are boiled measure 1 cup of them.
  2. Similarly boil potatoes and peas. When boiled cut the potato into cubes. Measure 1 cup of them.
  3. Add all these boiled vegetables and cucumbers (cut into cubes) in bowl.
  4. Add sugar, pepper, cream, mayonnaise, and salt in it and mix.
  5. Use the boiled egg slices to decorate.
  6. You can also use salad leaves for garnishing.

Enjoy your yummy salad.


*You can also add apples if you like. I think fruits makes salads a lot more fun. You may use methods to present the salad in a better way. I mean you can try something like this.


Original recipe was by Shereen Anwar

How Can One Live Without Guilt?

If anyone doesn’t feel guilt, no matter what he/she does, it means that his/her soul is dead. If I see a little speck of guilt in somebody, I believe and hope that person will learn and excel in his/her life. I say, “Although that person did wrong, I know that she is not bad at heart. She is not bad. She’ll turn towards the right path someday. ” People who don’t feel guilty appear to me as soulless people. In such people guilt vanishes, only ego remains.  Their sense of right and wrong vanishes. They just wan’t what they want when they want. You can’t speak of truth in front of them. They won’t hear you. They will only drown you out with their loud voices and arguments.

So many things are said about happiness, confidence, and a large number of feelings. But a teacher of mine told me that you cannot achieve all good characteristics and cancel out the negative ones. We have to establish a balance between good and bad characteristic. For example, we cannot cancel out anger. Anger is essential at many points of out life. Likewise, guilt is an essential component of this balance.

Guilt is a gift of God. It makes you ponder on the sins you commit and makes you a better person. Guilt make you ask forgiveness. Guilt reminds you who you are and what you should be.


Holding yourself accountable is very good to some extent. If you hold yourself accountable for what you do or did, it will help you to improve yourself. If you’ll feel guilty and on error all the time, you’ll become an anxiety patient.

P.S: I am not talking extreme guilt cases. Only feeling guilty of your sins.

What is that we all require but can’t have?

What do we all seek? Why do we surround ourselves with our friends and family? Why do we go to see movies, read novels, or listen to music? For fun and enjoyment, huh. No. We do all this to bring peace to our heart and mind. We keep ourselves busy so that we can save ourselves from the disrupting voices in our heads. The voices that yell at us that some important ingredient is missing. Something is required.

Then, comes the quest for that ingredient. Is it hunger? Hunger’s satisfied. Now what? Clothes. Clothes are made available. Now what? Maybe a house. House bought. Still not satisfied? Maybe I need a car to feel happy. Maybe I need more money to be happy. Maybe I need a beautiful garden. And his list of maybes never ends.

Still dissatisfied. Maybe I am stressed, tensed, depressed, or angry. A medicine can make me feel better. Anti depressant or a sleeping pill, or something.

Maybe I need a break. A breath of fresh air.

Maybe I require some meditation and exercise.

Maybe…….there is a simple solution.

I should seek the missing ingredient.

Now, allow me take you back on a ride. Do you remember that when we were created we swore to God that we will worship Him?

That we will fulfill our duties.

You know what that ingredient was God.

The alarm disturbing you mind’s peace is the duty you swore to perform, but are not performing.


God is Someone whose Love and Worship gives us peace.

No movie will give you peace. But if you’ll sit alone in a room alone, call God for help, cry for the Blessings He has given you, just pray to him for five minutes, you’ll feel as light as a feather.

God Almighty told us to call Him for help even if we are having trouble wearing shoes. He also told us that only remembering him can give us peace.


A teacher once told me that she finds it very amusing when someone tells her that he or she is depressed. She found it unbelievable because a believer can never be depressed as he believes in God.

So, why not try such a simple inexpensive way to bring peace to your mind and heart?


P.S. Depression as a side effect of medical treatment is of course an exception.


The Potential of Doing Good (TPDG)

Okay, now that is a totally made up terminology. Well, I believe that such a thing exists, so why shouldn’t I give it a name?


I believe that ‘Doing Good’ has two main types of people:-

  1. Who want to good.
  2. Who have the potential to do good (inborn ability).

Both of these can actually do good, but number 2 are always one step ahead from number 1. But in terms of consistency and progress, number 1 can leave number 2 behind. So, I want to belong to both the categories.

Now, you must be thinking that how can one have the potential to do good? I can answer this one because I have met one of the 2’s members. Number 2’s people do good without even trying to do good. They can find and help the needy and the weak wherever they go. They have a big heart and they are givers. They are honest, straightforward, and compassionate. They can feel your pain. They look for someone to help. These people are very jolly and playful. You rarely feel that you are burdening them with your problems. They always have a big smile on their face.

Number 1’s members are good people at heart, but they are shy from doing good to others. They find most people happy with their lives. They have trouble finding the needy ones. They try helping those who look encouragingly at them. These people do not help those helpless people who look rough and rude to them. These people are givers, but they are inquisitive and shy from helping others. They want to give, but they don’t know who to give and what to give.

If you are wondering which category do I belong to, I belong to Number 1. But, I have observed that in the last couple of weeks, I am acting like I am from category 2. I am beginning to notice those around me who need help. For the first time, I felt sorry and tried to help a weak kitten, even though I was afraid of it. For the first time, I smile with love and sympathy for those who are going through a rough time. For the first time, tragedy brings tears to my eyes.

As you all know that in the last 10-15 years there have been many terrorist attacks and suicide bombs in Pakistan. Due to listening about these events again and again, not only me, but also many others feel heartless to tragedy and pain. Tragedy does not bring tears in our eyes any more.

But now its changing for me. I can feel my heart beating again.

I am building up my potential to do good. What about you? Which category do you belong to?


I Have 100 Followers At Last!!!

Happiness is bursting out of me 😀 Hey, I have 100 followers. Oh, I am so excited!!!


I want to thank God. I want to thank all of those who appreciated me and inspired me to write this blog and to make it better. I want to thank all of those who corrected me and guided me. I wanted to thank all my followers. 

Oh my God, I am just so happy!!!

I am trying to improve my blog and make it more successful. See, I have made a new header. Or rather my first proper header :-p. Please do tell me if you like it (or even if you don’t).


I have also made my blog’s personal signature.

my signature

I have been slow at having followers because I don’t write frequently, but in the last two months the number of followers increased from 30 something to 100. I hope that I get more followers.

I am just so excited that I don’t know what to write in this post 😀

I just hope that all my followers keep on reading my posts and liking them. I also hope that you don’t hit the unfollow button. 

Can the Ozone Hole Be Repaired?

“Can’t we fix just the ozone hole by pumping ozone into it?” This is the question that my sister asks me whenever we get into  debate about ozone hole and sadly I don’t have an answer. But why should one be sad when there is internet available to help you solve the unsolved queries :-D.


Well, here is what I understand from an article that I just read. 

  1. First of all, ozone production requires a lot of energy. Obviously we will need a huge quantity of ozone to fill the ozone hole, and we can not prepare that large quantity on land because it requires a lot of energy. In atmosphere this large amount of energy comes from the sun. download
  2. Secondly, if ozone is leaked during production, it will act as a pollutant in our environment. Yes!! Ozone is good in the stratosphere, but bad in the troposphere. In troposphere (the layer of atmosphere in which we live), ozone acts as a pollutant.

    Printeffects_of_ozone (1)
  3. Lastly, we do not need to patch the ozone layer ourselves. It has the ability to patch itself. The pollutants that are already present will fall off eventually. What we need to do is to stop adding pollutants that deplete the ozone layer and follow the Montreal Protocol.  According to EPA, if we keep on following Montreal Protocol, the ozone hole may patch itself by 2050.

Montreal Protocol

This Protocol was established in 1987. More than 180 countries agreed to address the problem in the Montreal Protocol. In signing the protocol, those countries agreed to root out the use of ozone-depleting chemicals like CFCs, halons and carbon tetrachloride.

So, do your best and stop or decrease the use of ozone depleting substances.