Our Theories About Medication In Childhood :-p

Have you ever self medicated yourself in childhood???? Why am I asking this??? Well, seeing my little brother telling us ways to deal with his minor wounds made me think about this question.


I hope you can relate your own childhood theories with mine. Well, if not then don’t forget to tell me about yours….

Children do love colorful and tasty medicines. If you recommend them one of these medicines, they will make sure that they take that medicine. Similarly, children sweet round homeopathic medicines. And yeah, we hate big and ugly tablets….



My grandfather makes homeopathic medicines. I still remember how all my cousins and I used to go to our grandfather and said, “Dada abu, My throat hurts!!”, or “Dada abu, I think I have flu,”, just to get our hands on those tasty round tablets :-D.


I myself love to take Cac-1000 tablets, because when they used to dissolve in water, it tasted like orange juice. Umm, Yummy!!!


As a child we also believe that the doctor who smiles at you, asks you, “What is your name?”, and tells you, “Oh, this is no biggy,”, or “You are so brave,”, is the best doctor.


And the one doesn’t listen to you or pays attention to you at all and just solemnly writes down the prescription……..Well, you roll your eyes whenever someone talks about him or her.


The ideology of children that sunny plast (band aid) has the power to heal every wound ūüėÄ

I have observed that band aid is the first aid that children love the most. This is the first way of self medication they learn.


Children also believe that if you have something in eye or something poked into you eye, then first wash it and then ask someone to put some cloth on your eye and blow into your eye. This will relieve the pain.

I used to believe in this very profoundly until my mother told me that this does nothing at all.

As I child, I used to deal with leg pain by wounding tightly a small scarf, dupatta, or bandage on my leg. It was a serious pain killer :-). Well, I do it even now….

Well, did you had any of these theories as a child???

“Get up, couch potato.”

Have you heard this before?? Well, I have been called a couch potato until I got 11¬†(approximately). I had this habit of lying on the couch after school and watching T.V, while craving salt (will discuss later on). I guess we all, or the Libras :-D, become couch potatoes at some point of our life. I won’t ask you to agree on this one :-p


Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Now let’s look at the dictionary meaning of a couch potato.

A person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

Fits the situation, doesn’t it? I have observed that couch potatoes eat chips, drink soft drinks, soda, etc. while they watch T.V. Now, here is where my situation had been different from others. I did not use to crave food and sodas, I use to eat salt while watching T.V. ¬†Yes, Salt!!! Odd habit, right?? Well, I later on started eating ice cube too. I would first add the ice cube in my mouth and then eat salt over it. Umm Yummy!!

Well, eating salt has been a very re-known habit of mine. Still, when the salt get’s missing, my father looks at me and says,“Where’s the salt? You must know”:-D. Well, to be honest eating salt can never and is never a healthy activity.¬†

Even when I was visiting Khewra mines (salt mines) with my family. I was told, “Hey, look there is salt everywhere. What are you waiting for?” I felt so ashamed.

At that time, I wasn’t fat at all. So, being a couch potato didn’t result in any weight gain at that time. Maybe because I used to go out and play with my friends too.

Well, here are a few tips for couch potatoes.

  1. Keep the remote away and get up to change the channels.
  2. Walk up and down the stairs, or around the room, during commercials
  3. Get an equipment, so that you can exercise while you watch T.V
  4. Stand up and iron your clothes while you watch T.V.

Couch-potato (1)

Take this simple poll, to tell me whether you have been called a couch potato or not,

Not Expected From a Hero…………

“So, you want him to fight and make his way out of prison with a knee that has been shot?????” my mother said, when I complained to her that the hero of “Legend”, Day, is not at all heroic. I told her,“You know, he was like fainting and June (heroine) had to drag him along by placing his arm on her shoulder. She had only a few seconds to escape and he was no help at all. What kind of hero does that?”

My mother was right. He may be a hero, but that doesn’t means that he is not a human. A human feels pain. We can’t deny that. The truth is by watching all those movies, one unintentionally thinks like that. We always see in Bollywood movies that the hero gets up even after receiving three bullets (so stupid. Isn’t it?).

giphy (5)

In Day, I find all the qualities that may not suite the idea of a hero. Such as, despite having muscular built he looses a fight. The way the writer describes it makes it look alright. She brings in the human factor. First, he is only fifteen. Secondly, he has not been properly trained. He has a great mind, but even a great mind needs tutoring and he didn’t go to school after 10 years of age. Justified, isn’t it?


Another thing we hate in a hero is that he is driven by his emotions, not logic. Day and Four are the two people that I have witnessed with this fault. I mean in the first two novels of “Divergent” series , you find Four being brave and powerful, but in the third one, you find him weak because his emotions overpower him at some point. Day’s behavior is justified again as he is only 15. Practically a kid.

Well, if you ask for an invincible hero. Jace Herondale is that hero. However, after reading about Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices), I started disliking Jace because he is way too perfect. May be I am not happy in any case.


Well there are many things that we like about heroes. For example, I like that in the end of Spider \man movies, the villain asks forgiveness from spiderman and spiderman forgives him. In a nutshell, these ideas are completely my own. You may know heroes better than I do,  and you may not like my judgement. So, this is what I think of heroes. What do you not expect from a hero????