My First Job Experience: Hey I am an Unpaid Intern Now


Yup I got an internship at Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency and I am loving it. There is so much peace, cleanliness, and freedom to put my veil down (when there are no men around). The labs are fantastic and everyone is very respectable. And the library. Oh, its amazing. Its small, cozy, and has free WiFi. And books. All those books about environment.


I hope I love it throughout the way.



Welcome Home!

Hey, everyone. Today I want to introduce some of my friends and family who have just joined WordPress  and I want to give them a warm welcome to our community.

P.S: You know how excited one gets when some close relative or friends joins your community.


Umph, umph.. Presenting to you my friends and family who are also now my WordPress family.

Very warm welcome to:

  1. My dear sister
  2. Meena
  3. Nageen Sohail


May you enjoy being a part of WordPress.


I would love that if you visit their blogs because all of them are amazing writers.

What is that we all require but can’t have?

What do we all seek? Why do we surround ourselves with our friends and family? Why do we go to see movies, read novels, or listen to music? For fun and enjoyment, huh. No. We do all this to bring peace to our heart and mind. We keep ourselves busy so that we can save ourselves from the disrupting voices in our heads. The voices that yell at us that some important ingredient is missing. Something is required.

Then, comes the quest for that ingredient. Is it hunger? Hunger’s satisfied. Now what? Clothes. Clothes are made available. Now what? Maybe a house. House bought. Still not satisfied? Maybe I need a car to feel happy. Maybe I need more money to be happy. Maybe I need a beautiful garden. And his list of maybes never ends.

Still dissatisfied. Maybe I am stressed, tensed, depressed, or angry. A medicine can make me feel better. Anti depressant or a sleeping pill, or something.

Maybe I need a break. A breath of fresh air.

Maybe I require some meditation and exercise.

Maybe…….there is a simple solution.

I should seek the missing ingredient.

Now, allow me take you back on a ride. Do you remember that when we were created we swore to God that we will worship Him?

That we will fulfill our duties.

You know what that ingredient was God.

The alarm disturbing you mind’s peace is the duty you swore to perform, but are not performing.


God is Someone whose Love and Worship gives us peace.

No movie will give you peace. But if you’ll sit alone in a room alone, call God for help, cry for the Blessings He has given you, just pray to him for five minutes, you’ll feel as light as a feather.

God Almighty told us to call Him for help even if we are having trouble wearing shoes. He also told us that only remembering him can give us peace.


A teacher once told me that she finds it very amusing when someone tells her that he or she is depressed. She found it unbelievable because a believer can never be depressed as he believes in God.

So, why not try such a simple inexpensive way to bring peace to your mind and heart?


P.S. Depression as a side effect of medical treatment is of course an exception.


Take a Break Studyholics!

largeSo, why am I asking you to take a break??? I know you all have important stuff going on. Some will be having assignments, some will be working to ensure better future, and some will be preparing for a test. But, what do you do when you are free? Let me guess, social networking, reading novels, watching T.V, watching movies, texting, or feeling anxious about what is going to happen tomorrow. What is relaxation? Pretty much it. But, what really is relaxation.

Recreational activities. Go out with you family or friends. Have a small picnic on a hill. Put your feet into cold fresh water. Go to an unpolluted place and take deep breaths of the fresh air. Have a good time with nature (City lights can’t keep you happy). Enjoy the green grass beneath you. Watch the bright sky above you. Look and feel the life around you.


Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Muslim family, mother and father with three children together in nature sitting and eating on green grass: picnic

Or have a get together at your home. Invite you cousins. Eat well. Sleep well.

Why??? I have observed that such activities keep you happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. One time I had to skip university as I had to go to my cousin’s wedding. I stayed there some three days, but I came home late at night. I had to go to uni the next day. Oh my God, I wasn’t prepared for a very important presentation on my research project in English. Wait, what happened then? It went amazingly well (on my part). I felt like I did a very well job.

Nowadays, I give myself one day per week (working days) to rest. It helps me keep my stress levels low.


I must also mention that I love staying at home. But, sometimes getting out of it is good too.

Here are some of the benefits of recreational activities:

  • Reduces obesity
  • Boosts immunity system
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Reduces depression
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves quality of life

So, are you ready to give yourself a break?

I Have 100 Followers At Last!!!

Happiness is bursting out of me 😀 Hey, I have 100 followers. Oh, I am so excited!!!


I want to thank God. I want to thank all of those who appreciated me and inspired me to write this blog and to make it better. I want to thank all of those who corrected me and guided me. I wanted to thank all my followers. 

Oh my God, I am just so happy!!!

I am trying to improve my blog and make it more successful. See, I have made a new header. Or rather my first proper header :-p. Please do tell me if you like it (or even if you don’t).


I have also made my blog’s personal signature.

my signature

I have been slow at having followers because I don’t write frequently, but in the last two months the number of followers increased from 30 something to 100. I hope that I get more followers.

I am just so excited that I don’t know what to write in this post 😀

I just hope that all my followers keep on reading my posts and liking them. I also hope that you don’t hit the unfollow button. 

Happy Birthday My Dear Best Friend

mYou felt very hurt when I told you that our friendship won’t last, that we will forget each other after college. Well, here I am two years after leaving college, calling you my best friend and wishing you happy birthday. This is me remembering you. Due to the distances between us I was not able to give you any gift, so this is my gift for you…


This post is dedicated to my best friend, Yumna. She is one of the best things that happened to me. She is one of those people, whom I admire and take inspiration from.

I met Yumna when I took admission in college. I remember how different we were initially from each other. She was a geek and had the highest marks in matric in our class. I was good at studies, but I was not a geek. I mean I had 82% marks in matric, and she had  90% marks. She was very intelligent.

When we had our first papers, Yumna, Nida, and I got the first three positions. That was when we started talking to each other. That was the time from where our beautiful friendship began. In the final exams of 11th and 12th grade we were the top three position holders.

With the help of God, she taught me many things. She made me into a geek like her. She made me realize how much hard work I needed to do. I remember how we all had fun. We used to study in our free periods :-D. But that was far more fun than you can imagine. We all wanted to take medical as our career (we all didn’t achieve that goal though).

I was usually the second position holder, and she was usually the third position holder. But she never envied me. She never hated me. She never got angry with me. She used to be happy for me and always cheered me on.


We prepared for our practical exam on mobile phone, literally!!!!

I remember the worried look on her face when I entered ,while crying, into the examination hall for biology’s paper. I remember how she left her seat, came to me and tried to sooth me.

One thing I love about our friendship was that I could discuss the whole paper with Yumna after it was over. Others used to be very unhappy and angry about discussing the paper. But she used to be eager to do that.

Above all, she was a very good person. She was honest, loyal, and intelligent. She was far more a good friend to me than I was to her. She was the person who understood me. She was the one who used to listen to all my stupid talks. I used to tease her that she was a leo. That she had long hands that were designed to slap hard :-D.

But Yumna. I really love you. And I really miss you. I won’t forget you ever. And if you are reading this (I’ll make that happen for sure :-D), know that you are a source of admiration for me. I will always love you. May that long and beautiful smile always stay on your face! May you be successful in your life and chemical career! With all the best wishes. Happy Birthday Yumna.


Doraemon Catches Your Eye No Matter How Old You Are


It was just yesterday when my sister, my mother, my grandmother, and I were watching Doraemon (see people of all age groups were doing that). Nobita does many things that we used to do as kids. It gets really annoying though when nobita says, “Doraemon!!!” or cries :-D. Well, I like the way doraemon teaches lessons to nobita through the use of gadgets. doraemon

Have you ever been caught (like me) watching Doraemon or any other silly cartoons like that???

Awww, Do you love them too?

I am very delighted to be able to share the things I love the most with you. I hope that you would love them too!


1. Lonely benches



I don’t really know why I love them, but I love them so much.

2. Sun rays chanting out of the clouds


colorful sunset

3. Autumn leaves+ sunset


4. Gardens with wooden benches and bridges


5. Brothers holding hands (sense of protection)


6. Trees

I love both trees without leaves and trees with leaves. I also love looking at their barks at times.


This is my unfinished sketch of a tree in my university..

7. Fresh and green grass


8. Water droplets on car windows after it rains…..


9. Moon on a night full of stars


10. Libraries filled with books….

I also love book shops and gift shops. In a nutshell, I love books.


giphy (1)

So, do you love any of these things??? If you do do tell me.

“Get up, couch potato.”

Have you heard this before?? Well, I have been called a couch potato until I got 11 (approximately). I had this habit of lying on the couch after school and watching T.V, while craving salt (will discuss later on). I guess we all, or the Libras :-D, become couch potatoes at some point of our life. I won’t ask you to agree on this one :-p


Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Now let’s look at the dictionary meaning of a couch potato.

A person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

Fits the situation, doesn’t it? I have observed that couch potatoes eat chips, drink soft drinks, soda, etc. while they watch T.V. Now, here is where my situation had been different from others. I did not use to crave food and sodas, I use to eat salt while watching T.V.  Yes, Salt!!! Odd habit, right?? Well, I later on started eating ice cube too. I would first add the ice cube in my mouth and then eat salt over it. Umm Yummy!!

Well, eating salt has been a very re-known habit of mine. Still, when the salt get’s missing, my father looks at me and says,“Where’s the salt? You must know”:-D. Well, to be honest eating salt can never and is never a healthy activity. 

Even when I was visiting Khewra mines (salt mines) with my family. I was told, “Hey, look there is salt everywhere. What are you waiting for?” I felt so ashamed.

At that time, I wasn’t fat at all. So, being a couch potato didn’t result in any weight gain at that time. Maybe because I used to go out and play with my friends too.

Well, here are a few tips for couch potatoes.

  1. Keep the remote away and get up to change the channels.
  2. Walk up and down the stairs, or around the room, during commercials
  3. Get an equipment, so that you can exercise while you watch T.V
  4. Stand up and iron your clothes while you watch T.V.

Couch-potato (1)

Take this simple poll, to tell me whether you have been called a couch potato or not,