Awww, Do you love them too?

I am very delighted to be able to share the things I love the most with you. I hope that you would love them too!


1. Lonely benches



I don’t really know why I love them, but I love them so much.

2. Sun rays chanting out of the clouds


colorful sunset

3. Autumn leaves+ sunset


4. Gardens with wooden benches and bridges


5. Brothers holding hands (sense of protection)


6. Trees

I love both trees without leaves and trees with leaves. I also love looking at their barks at times.


This is my unfinished sketch of a tree in my university..

7. Fresh and green grass


8. Water droplets on car windows after it rains…..


9. Moon on a night full of stars


10. Libraries filled with books….

I also love book shops and gift shops. In a nutshell, I love books.


giphy (1)

So, do you love any of these things??? If you do do tell me.

“Get up, couch potato.”

Have you heard this before?? Well, I have been called a couch potato until I got 11 (approximately). I had this habit of lying on the couch after school and watching T.V, while craving salt (will discuss later on). I guess we all, or the Libras :-D, become couch potatoes at some point of our life. I won’t ask you to agree on this one :-p


Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Now let’s look at the dictionary meaning of a couch potato.

A person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

Fits the situation, doesn’t it? I have observed that couch potatoes eat chips, drink soft drinks, soda, etc. while they watch T.V. Now, here is where my situation had been different from others. I did not use to crave food and sodas, I use to eat salt while watching T.V.  Yes, Salt!!! Odd habit, right?? Well, I later on started eating ice cube too. I would first add the ice cube in my mouth and then eat salt over it. Umm Yummy!!

Well, eating salt has been a very re-known habit of mine. Still, when the salt get’s missing, my father looks at me and says,“Where’s the salt? You must know”:-D. Well, to be honest eating salt can never and is never a healthy activity. 

Even when I was visiting Khewra mines (salt mines) with my family. I was told, “Hey, look there is salt everywhere. What are you waiting for?” I felt so ashamed.

At that time, I wasn’t fat at all. So, being a couch potato didn’t result in any weight gain at that time. Maybe because I used to go out and play with my friends too.

Well, here are a few tips for couch potatoes.

  1. Keep the remote away and get up to change the channels.
  2. Walk up and down the stairs, or around the room, during commercials
  3. Get an equipment, so that you can exercise while you watch T.V
  4. Stand up and iron your clothes while you watch T.V.

Couch-potato (1)

Take this simple poll, to tell me whether you have been called a couch potato or not,