With Love – Mom

So, a couple of days ago my family went for grocery shopping (while I was preparing for a quiz). They brought home many things. But more importantly, they brought one whole shopper containing noodles. Lots and lots of spicy noodles. Yup, these are the same spicy noodles that inspired me to get over dramatic :-p.


What was special about these noodles this time? Well, the noodles were packed in cute lunch boxes. Here is an unclear picture of one.


You must be thinking why I am sharing all this nonsense. So, here goes the explanation. My mother loved these new and free lunch boxes. When I came home yesterday, she told me that she found out a very beautiful thing about them.

“What is it mother?” I asked.

“This lunch box,” she said while handing it on to me so that I could observe, “This lunch box says ‘With Love Mom’ on top of it. After reading this I thought that whatever it says is true. When a mother packs lunch for her child, she is not only fulfilling her duty, but she also does this with love. When I give you lunch, I see to it that what is that you require. I consider that your sister is allergic to eggs. I know that you don’t want an omelette in your lunch today.”


And I know that she is correct. We leave home at 7 am and she makes lunch such that I get an omelette with onions and green chilies (just the way I like it), while my sister gets a simple omelette (just the way she likes it).

A Beautiful Mixture of Fall and Spring

Ok, I may not be a very good photographer, or a photographer at all :D, but I just caught this beautiful tree displaying the colors of  autumn and spring at the same time. So, I had to share it with you.



P.S: I had a 5 megapixel camera, so I did the best I could.

The Return of the Attarians- A Short Story By a 14 Year Old

So, due to the positive response to my last post, I have decided to type, let’s say, the second chapter of this short story. For reading chapter 1, click here.

For those who are new to this story please keep in mind that I am not 14 now. Please forgive me if you see any grammatical mistakes 🙂

You can comment and tell me if you like this story and want this story to go on, or even if you don’t like it. It will make it easier for me to decide whether I should keep on writing this story or not.

The Return of the Attarians

Chapter 2

Girl_Sahara_desert (1)

“Why are you so angry? He looked like a good person to me,” he said.

“Well just leave this topic,” I said.

“Oh, no. I completely forgot to tell you. Your mom called. She told my mom that they are going to Newyork for some reason, so you’ll be staying here with us,” he said.

“Oh no!” I said sadly, “At least she should have talked to me about it.”

“What do you mean by ‘oh no’, Sera?” he asked me while trying to read the expressions on my face, “We’ll have a lot of fun. We can play video games, we can go for skating, we can…..”

“Yeah, but….” I protested.

“We can even go to meet that guy.What was his name?” he said, “Yeah, Array.”

“I don’t wanna go out there and meet anybody,” I said. He totally knew how to annoy me.

“Ok, then we’ll go to Serena’s house,” he said and looked at me as he was expecting a reply of some kind.

Yeah, he knew that I really liked hanging out with Serena. Excitement rose inside me.

“That will be fantastic, Joe” I remarked, “..and Serena, and Maria. It will be exciting, Joe.”

“That what I wanted you to say,” he said and smiled. “I am very tired. I just want to go to bed.”

“But I think your mom is waiting for us at lunch,” I reminded him.

“I completely forgot,” he exclaimed.

We ran towards the dining room.

“Hi, you kept me waiting for a very long time,” she said while looking at him with love.

We had a very fine conversation and very nice lunch. The lunch consisted of Italian food and his mother was kind enough to bake her special cupcakes for me.

“Let’s go to see Array,” he said as soon as we entered his room.I think it’s because of the sweet cupcakes. They have acted like an energy drink on him.

“Not again,” I whispered. A whisper that was drenched in annoyance.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing. Let’s go.” I replied.

We ran towards the backyard door. He opened the door. The backyard was replaced with a desert like place. I could see the ugly looking huts everywhere. My observation was hindered when someone suddenly touched my shoulder.

“What’s up?”

I turned to see who was that. I saw a boy of our age. He had very different features.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Abbay,” he replied and shifted his gaze towards Joe. Joe was a tall fair boy. He had brown almond eyes and silky brown hair. The thing that was most prominent on his face was his big round ‘Harry Potter’ glasses.

“Hey, you look interesting,” he said while his eyes moved from me to Joe and Joe to me,”I love chickens!”

“Wait, what?” I asked pushing Joe away from him.

“It’s just that I like Americans. Especially the white and fair ones.”

“Oh, I am glad to hear that,” I said trying my best to hide that I was annoyed by this encounter. “Joe! I am not feeling well. Can you come with me for a second?”

“Hello, I am Joe,” he said completely ignoring me.

To be continued…..If demanded…

I Have 100 Followers At Last!!!

Happiness is bursting out of me 😀 Hey, I have 100 followers. Oh, I am so excited!!!


I want to thank God. I want to thank all of those who appreciated me and inspired me to write this blog and to make it better. I want to thank all of those who corrected me and guided me. I wanted to thank all my followers. 

Oh my God, I am just so happy!!!

I am trying to improve my blog and make it more successful. See, I have made a new header. Or rather my first proper header :-p. Please do tell me if you like it (or even if you don’t).


I have also made my blog’s personal signature.

my signature

I have been slow at having followers because I don’t write frequently, but in the last two months the number of followers increased from 30 something to 100. I hope that I get more followers.

I am just so excited that I don’t know what to write in this post 😀

I just hope that all my followers keep on reading my posts and liking them. I also hope that you don’t hit the unfollow button. 

Awww, Do you love them too?

I am very delighted to be able to share the things I love the most with you. I hope that you would love them too!


1. Lonely benches



I don’t really know why I love them, but I love them so much.

2. Sun rays chanting out of the clouds


colorful sunset

3. Autumn leaves+ sunset


4. Gardens with wooden benches and bridges


5. Brothers holding hands (sense of protection)


6. Trees

I love both trees without leaves and trees with leaves. I also love looking at their barks at times.


This is my unfinished sketch of a tree in my university..

7. Fresh and green grass


8. Water droplets on car windows after it rains…..


9. Moon on a night full of stars


10. Libraries filled with books….

I also love book shops and gift shops. In a nutshell, I love books.


giphy (1)

So, do you love any of these things??? If you do do tell me.

“Get up, couch potato.”

Have you heard this before?? Well, I have been called a couch potato until I got 11 (approximately). I had this habit of lying on the couch after school and watching T.V, while craving salt (will discuss later on). I guess we all, or the Libras :-D, become couch potatoes at some point of our life. I won’t ask you to agree on this one :-p


Couch Potato

Couch Potato

Now let’s look at the dictionary meaning of a couch potato.

A person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

Fits the situation, doesn’t it? I have observed that couch potatoes eat chips, drink soft drinks, soda, etc. while they watch T.V. Now, here is where my situation had been different from others. I did not use to crave food and sodas, I use to eat salt while watching T.V.  Yes, Salt!!! Odd habit, right?? Well, I later on started eating ice cube too. I would first add the ice cube in my mouth and then eat salt over it. Umm Yummy!!

Well, eating salt has been a very re-known habit of mine. Still, when the salt get’s missing, my father looks at me and says,“Where’s the salt? You must know”:-D. Well, to be honest eating salt can never and is never a healthy activity. 

Even when I was visiting Khewra mines (salt mines) with my family. I was told, “Hey, look there is salt everywhere. What are you waiting for?” I felt so ashamed.

At that time, I wasn’t fat at all. So, being a couch potato didn’t result in any weight gain at that time. Maybe because I used to go out and play with my friends too.

Well, here are a few tips for couch potatoes.

  1. Keep the remote away and get up to change the channels.
  2. Walk up and down the stairs, or around the room, during commercials
  3. Get an equipment, so that you can exercise while you watch T.V
  4. Stand up and iron your clothes while you watch T.V.

Couch-potato (1)

Take this simple poll, to tell me whether you have been called a couch potato or not,