Our Theories About Medication In Childhood :-p

Have you ever self medicated yourself in childhood???? Why am I asking this??? Well, seeing my little brother telling us ways to deal with his minor wounds made me think about this question.


I hope you can relate your own childhood theories with mine. Well, if not then don’t forget to tell me about yours….

Children do love colorful and tasty medicines. If you recommend them one of these medicines, they will make sure that they take that medicine. Similarly, children sweet round homeopathic medicines. And yeah, we hate big and ugly tablets….



My grandfather makes homeopathic medicines. I still remember how all my cousins and I used to go to our grandfather and said, “Dada abu, My throat hurts!!”, or “Dada abu, I think I have flu,”, just to get our hands on those tasty round tablets :-D.


I myself love to take Cac-1000 tablets, because when they used to dissolve in water, it tasted like orange juice. Umm, Yummy!!!


As a child we also believe that the doctor who smiles at you, asks you, “What is your name?”, and tells you, “Oh, this is no biggy,”, or “You are so brave,”, is the best doctor.


And the one doesn’t listen to you or pays attention to you at all and just solemnly writes down the prescription……..Well, you roll your eyes whenever someone talks about him or her.


The ideology of children that sunny plast (band aid) has the power to heal every wound 😀

I have observed that band aid is the first aid that children love the most. This is the first way of self medication they learn.


Children also believe that if you have something in eye or something poked into you eye, then first wash it and then ask someone to put some cloth on your eye and blow into your eye. This will relieve the pain.

I used to believe in this very profoundly until my mother told me that this does nothing at all.

As I child, I used to deal with leg pain by wounding tightly a small scarf, dupatta, or bandage on my leg. It was a serious pain killer :-). Well, I do it even now….

Well, did you had any of these theories as a child???