For the EIA Report I have to Make Comments on


Seriously, why can’t you have imperfections for me to find out. This report has like 150 pages and whatever fault I find it turns out not to be a flaw.


Feels something like this…

P.S: Don’t worry I still took out  7 to 8 comment. Not so perfect now are you miss perfect!!!

How Can One Live Without Guilt?

If anyone doesn’t feel guilt, no matter what he/she does, it means that his/her soul is dead. If I see a little speck of guilt in somebody, I believe and hope that person will learn and excel in his/her life. I say, “Although that person did wrong, I know that she is not bad at heart. She is not bad. She’ll turn towards the right path someday. ” People who don’t feel guilty appear to me as soulless people. In such people guilt vanishes, only ego remains.  Their sense of right and wrong vanishes. They just wan’t what they want when they want. You can’t speak of truth in front of them. They won’t hear you. They will only drown you out with their loud voices and arguments.

So many things are said about happiness, confidence, and a large number of feelings. But a teacher of mine told me that you cannot achieve all good characteristics and cancel out the negative ones. We have to establish a balance between good and bad characteristic. For example, we cannot cancel out anger. Anger is essential at many points of out life. Likewise, guilt is an essential component of this balance.

Guilt is a gift of God. It makes you ponder on the sins you commit and makes you a better person. Guilt make you ask forgiveness. Guilt reminds you who you are and what you should be.


Holding yourself accountable is very good to some extent. If you hold yourself accountable for what you do or did, it will help you to improve yourself. If you’ll feel guilty and on error all the time, you’ll become an anxiety patient.

P.S: I am not talking extreme guilt cases. Only feeling guilty of your sins.

‘Being a Teacher’ Means Much More Now

“Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock…”

-Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock...-

Jobs come with responsibility. You can’t do any job without being responsible.

For example, being a construction worker makes you responsible for the safety and well being of those who live or will live in the building you construct.

Being a cook makes you responsible for the health of your family or those who eat your food.

Hence, you can’t say no to your responsibilities.


Lets come back to our topic. The responsibilities of teachers. Let’s list them.

  1. To educate the students.
  2. To respect them.
  3. To take care of their safety.
  4. To teach them morally and ethically.
  5. To teach them how to be confident, how to behave in real world, etc.

To make sure of their safety. What do we mean by safety? To make sure that students are kept safe and returned home safely.

Have you ever thought of teachers or professors as warriors?

Where there are recurring terrorist attacks, everyone is a warrior. May that be a sweeper, security guard, assistant, doctor, engineer, or professor.

We have seen professors, or teacher act like warriors against terrorists to protect their students. We have seen assistants fighting like soldiers on the school grounds. We have seen them sacrificing themselves for the safety of their children.

Who did that? The warriors and soldiers of Army Public School Peshawar and Bacha Khan University Charsadda, while these institutions were under attack.

Tahira Qazi, Principal of APS Peshawar, refused to leave school until the last child was rescued. She sacrificed herself for the students.

Lecturer Syed Hamid Hussain, an assistant professor of chemistry at the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, ordered his students to stay inside as Taliban gunmen stormed the school near the city of Peshawar, leaving at least 21 people dead.

Students told how he opened fire on gunmen as they rampaged across campus, giving the young people time to flee before he was cut down in a hail of bullets  (DAWN News).

May all these great warriors rest in peace! May Allah give patience to their families!

This is responsibility. Are we capable of fulfilling our responsibilities? Have we ever given enough thought to what extent we are responsible for whatever we are doing?


What is that we all require but can’t have?

What do we all seek? Why do we surround ourselves with our friends and family? Why do we go to see movies, read novels, or listen to music? For fun and enjoyment, huh. No. We do all this to bring peace to our heart and mind. We keep ourselves busy so that we can save ourselves from the disrupting voices in our heads. The voices that yell at us that some important ingredient is missing. Something is required.

Then, comes the quest for that ingredient. Is it hunger? Hunger’s satisfied. Now what? Clothes. Clothes are made available. Now what? Maybe a house. House bought. Still not satisfied? Maybe I need a car to feel happy. Maybe I need more money to be happy. Maybe I need a beautiful garden. And his list of maybes never ends.

Still dissatisfied. Maybe I am stressed, tensed, depressed, or angry. A medicine can make me feel better. Anti depressant or a sleeping pill, or something.

Maybe I need a break. A breath of fresh air.

Maybe I require some meditation and exercise.

Maybe…….there is a simple solution.

I should seek the missing ingredient.

Now, allow me take you back on a ride. Do you remember that when we were created we swore to God that we will worship Him?

That we will fulfill our duties.

You know what that ingredient was God.

The alarm disturbing you mind’s peace is the duty you swore to perform, but are not performing.


God is Someone whose Love and Worship gives us peace.

No movie will give you peace. But if you’ll sit alone in a room alone, call God for help, cry for the Blessings He has given you, just pray to him for five minutes, you’ll feel as light as a feather.

God Almighty told us to call Him for help even if we are having trouble wearing shoes. He also told us that only remembering him can give us peace.


A teacher once told me that she finds it very amusing when someone tells her that he or she is depressed. She found it unbelievable because a believer can never be depressed as he believes in God.

So, why not try such a simple inexpensive way to bring peace to your mind and heart?


P.S. Depression as a side effect of medical treatment is of course an exception.


Childhood Misconceptions That I Still Can’t Get Over With

” Where did you read that?” asked Dr. A. “What is the source of this information?”

“Ma’am….I read it somewhere on Wikipedia,” answered my classmate.

Dr. A looked pretty annoyed and said, “I think you are old enough to quote proper sources. Wikipedia is for kids. You are grown ups.”

Wait what. Wikipedia is for kids!! When did that happen??

Before starting BS, I thought very highly of wikipedia. I used to love it. I used to trust it. But then I was told that wikipedia sometimes imparts unauthentic information. This happens because anyone can edit the information on it. So, I was told not to quote and use the name ‘wikipedia’ in the ‘References’ section. If we have to use wikipedia, then the resource of the required piece of information must be checked.

It’s so heartbreaking 😦

I Love Wikipedia. It is the most authentic website.

Internet knows everything. The biggest misconception ever.

Well, if you do know everything, then why don’t you know what I need to make my assignment and projects. At that time, you start acting dumb.

Trust me I know how to search. It’s just that the information available is not enough.


Do you have any such childhood misconception which you still can’t get over?

All Beautiful Colors A Lie

Fake: The beautiful red rose, the sunset, the sunrise, the clouds, the sky, and the beautiful colors in an artist’s painting that we love and admire.

imageColors don’t have there own existence. Put a beautiful red rose in dark and what’s its color, black.

The phenomenon of reflection, absorption, scattering, and refraction of white light gives colors to objects. Yes, only white light is real while the rest is fake and non existent. Scattering enables us to see the beautiful colors of sky. Reflection gives an object its color.


When I studied these phenomenons, I thought all the things we love are fake. Beauty is fake. The beautiful faces that you love today will be just bones when it dies. The beautiful hairs, eyes, all will go to dust. What matter is that we ignore our fake love and love what’s real. What’s real is that man wasn’t send to earth for nothing. God sent us for some purpose. We have to find and fulfill our purposes. Life is too short to enjoy. Life requires seriousness. Life requires good deeds. All the superficial things are fake. The rank you’ve got, the car you drive, and your life is all in hands of God. We don’t control anything. We love fake things. Non existent things.

So come out of the superficial and find out what’s real. Try to love the white light, not its dispersal. 

With Love – Mom

So, a couple of days ago my family went for grocery shopping (while I was preparing for a quiz). They brought home many things. But more importantly, they brought one whole shopper containing noodles. Lots and lots of spicy noodles. Yup, these are the same spicy noodles that inspired me to get over dramatic :-p.


What was special about these noodles this time? Well, the noodles were packed in cute lunch boxes. Here is an unclear picture of one.


You must be thinking why I am sharing all this nonsense. So, here goes the explanation. My mother loved these new and free lunch boxes. When I came home yesterday, she told me that she found out a very beautiful thing about them.

“What is it mother?” I asked.

“This lunch box,” she said while handing it on to me so that I could observe, “This lunch box says ‘With Love Mom’ on top of it. After reading this I thought that whatever it says is true. When a mother packs lunch for her child, she is not only fulfilling her duty, but she also does this with love. When I give you lunch, I see to it that what is that you require. I consider that your sister is allergic to eggs. I know that you don’t want an omelette in your lunch today.”


And I know that she is correct. We leave home at 7 am and she makes lunch such that I get an omelette with onions and green chilies (just the way I like it), while my sister gets a simple omelette (just the way she likes it).

The Versatile Blogger Award

Is this my first award? Yes. Did I just got nominated? Well, no. I was nominated by Lauren in January. Yes, I know I should be ashamed, but at that time I didn’t know how to respond to it. I had this fear and hesitation from answering awards. Well, now that I have observed other bloggers getting and answering awards, this fear has vanished to some extent.

Thank you Lauren for nominating me for this Award.


Note: Lauren’s blog got hacked, so now she writes here.

The rules are as follows:

1. Show the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Share seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs.

5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Ok, now here are some facts about me.

1. I am an open book. My family knows my secrets before I do. Usually, I have all my expressions written on my face.


Thats me.

2. I love reading novels and books. I have this secret wish to collect all the knowledge in this world.

iheartbooks (1)

3. I am strong lover and believer of moral values. I don’t cheat. I don’t lie. I don’t break a queue. I don’t copy paste (usually) in an assignment. It’s just not in me.


4.  I am very selective with food. I don’t eat meat, bitter gourd, fried egg…,and so on. My mother really gets annoyed with me on this. She tells me that I should be able to eat all vegetables, as everything has its own benefits. Other than food, I am not picky at all.


5. I love my religion and I hope to progress in it, InshaAllah.

6. My mother is my bestest friend (yes, I broke a grammer rule for her). I share everything with her.


7. I am hopelessly extrovert. If I am happy, I have to share it with everyone I love and care about. And when I am sad or worried, well everyone knows that. I am a social butterfly.


So, here are my nominees.

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Can You Trust a Diary?

dear-diaryDear Diary ,

I can share my life’s ups and downs with everyone but you. Yeah, I know you look pretty harmless and can be a collection of all my beautiful memories, but I also know that you are not as harmless as you look. I have heard that many of your friends open up easily to those who they are not meant to open up to. I can trust people but not you. You can betray me easily. You always get into wrong hands. Always….

It’s not like I never wanted to trust you or others like you. I have tried to, but failed. I am always inconsistent in talking to you. I tried many times but I cannot make a friend out of you. I never have fun in having this one way conversation with you. Don’t you understand? I want you to yell at me when I am wrong and  cheer me on when I am right. You do none of these. You just lie down, lifeless. Hearing but not listening.

Whenever any one gifts me a diary, I love it but I don’t know what to do with it. First I started making slam books out of diaries, but then I stopped doing that, because I am not good at keeping slam and autograph books.

Well, now I am using you for useful matters. I am writing all my cooking recipes on you. This way I can get help from you whenever I want and you won’t ever be able to betray me. I wouldn’t have to worry about you. And Yeah, you look cuter this way.


my signature

P.S: This post is not written in anger :p. It shouldn’t be offending to anyone, as it’s my personal opinion. Also, plz take this poll and tell me if you trust your diary or not.