Right to Unlimited Internet

“Everyone is entitled to the right to unlimited internet.” (Its made up. But I want it to become an international human right. Seriously :-D)

If you are someone with unlimited internet, you are truly blessed. I was blessed myself until my father (for my sake) changed our internet package from unlimited to limited (but with much higher internet speed). Yeah I know what you are thinking. I did try to reverse his action but then I was told bythe service providers that that package had expired. Oh! You can’t imagine how sad I was. I actually cried.Our limit was 10 GB. Obviously that could not happen so we updated first to a 15 GB package then to 20 GB package.

When you have limited internet package, you feel claustrophobic. You feel depressed. You feel unable to breath. 


And then the fear. The constant fear of letting the bill go beyond package. They charge us 100 Rupees for 1 GB extra. So, I use everything very carefully. Even I have to blog carefully as one post costs me some 200 MB. I measure and plan how much internet we have to use daily. Almost 600 MB that is. But still sometimes a lot of internet gets used through mobiles. I usually keep the use of internet to laptop only, but you know can’t restrict your whole family to do so.

I have an app to check my data usage. It looks like this.


In the past few days I was at my uncles house. There I had no headaches. I felt so good to not count my MBs once. To feel freedom. Sweet sweet freedom.



Inspirational Hotspots for My Inspired Writing


If I do not feel inspired, I do not write. If someone asks me why haven’t you blogging from such a long time, I answer that because I was out of inspiration. In Urdu it looks awesome and goes something like this “Yar, amd amd nahi horahi.” So, I thought I should share some of my inspirational hotspots with you. Some of them are quite funny and I hope you would enjoy reading them.

  1. My most favorite inspirational hotspot is when I am riding home from university in a van on a car bench with 4 people sitting on it. Ideas pop up in my mind while I have my head and my arm out of the window (my shoulder is out too because of the lack of space).Squeeze
  2. Reading a book also inspires me to write. Especially when I am reading a novel.girl-reading-book-books-to-read-3325650-321-400
  3. Weather. Umm, I need no words for this one. Rain turns me into a philosopher.rain
  4. Sometimes I get inspired while I am making something. Check this out! One of my most prized possession. advanced-cook-like-a-pro
  5. Mostly, I feel inspired by the people around me. I love understanding human nature and it gives me ideas to write. My family and friends are my inspiration. Their love inspires me.209865-If-You-Are-In-My-Life-I-Am-Inspired-By-You-In-Some-Shape-Or-Form
  6. What goes on with my life is my biggest inspiration. If I learn something new, I have to share it.

Do you blog when you are inspired enough or are you a daily blogger? What are your inspirational hotspots?inspiration

Here’s How Your Brain “Sees” A Business or Blog’s Logo -Infographic

Ever wanted to know what goes through your brain when you see a new business logo in your mind…? Well check out the infographic below!


Source: Here’s How Your Brain “Sees” A Business or Blog’s Logo -Infographic (For Book, Beauty, Writing Bloggers & More)

My Childhood Wishes That Weren’t Turned to Reality Soon Enough!

While I was picking which pictures to post, these things still make me want them. They are mouthwatering! Seriously 😛

1. A big real looking kitchen set



Oh my God! Who can’t want such a thing? I saw a similar kitchen set in one of my family member’s house and I cried all the way back home. Mom still remembers that day. I mean wouldn’t you cry if you’d see something like this and can’t have it.

Then, when I grew up I helped my sister to buy a kitchen set like this one.


2. Scooty

Well, I did got a scooty. But it was for children and I was 13 something. (Doesn’t mean that I didn’t ride it but its handle broke off when I did 😛 )


3- A motor car

Still want it!!!


4- Skates

Oh, how I loved skating! But at that time we had no skating clubs around. But the unfair thing is that my sister and brother have roller skates and they learned roller skating at a skating club. Where were you when I needed you skating club?


Do you have any such wishes that weren’t fulfilled?




The long-term effects as many people in Pakistan use skin whitening soaps I thought that I should share this information I found with you. As obvious as it might sound that soaps and creams containing mercury can be extremely damaging to the skin, it is a surprising statistic that a large fraction of women and young […]

via HOW MERCURY HARMS YmOUR SKIN, BODY AND MIND — pakistan my Homeland!

Welcome Home!

Hey, everyone. Today I want to introduce some of my friends and family who have just joined WordPress  and I want to give them a warm welcome to our community.

P.S: You know how excited one gets when some close relative or friends joins your community.


Umph, umph.. Presenting to you my friends and family who are also now my WordPress family.

Very warm welcome to:

  1. My dear sister
  2. Meena
  3. Nageen Sohail


May you enjoy being a part of WordPress.


I would love that if you visit their blogs because all of them are amazing writers.

Humans are the biggest Enemies of Themselves


Ah… I don’t know why but whenever I this portion of wall around our university which fell down, when a large billboard from within our university fell upon it, I always think that man is the biggest enemy of himself. Although the billboard broke down due to thunderstorm, but hadn’t it been there there had been no destruction. We humans and our stupid little businesses. I am sorry but I am truly pissed off.


I know that doomsday is going to come for us because of us. God’s going to be angry at us for the limits we will cross like trying to achieve immortality. Seriously, do we have to interfere with every thing.

We human beings destroyed the atmosphere forming a hole in the ozone layer without even touching it :-O. Wow. There must be an heavy applause for us.

Just try to imagine. A race of at most 6 feet organisms are eating our Earth which has a radius of only 6384000 meters.


So true:-P

I think I need to drink some water because I am really pissed off with my own species.


P.S: I am not angry all the time. It’s just for today. Don’t be angry with me if you disagree.

My Project

So, our sir of Pollution Control Technologies told us to make a poster regarding environment, sustainability, or renewable energy three weeks ago. Yeah, of course, I and almost my whole class made it in the last two or three days. I made a poster about making the use of nuclear energy better and safer.

I present to you my poster. Please read it if you can and let me know.