Her Eyes…..

Her eyes don’t see me, but look through me. She carefully studies my face with those understanding eyes of her whenever I talk to her. It’s not like I don’t know she is studying me, I let her. I let her see into my mind. I like it. In front of her, I am open book. Her eyes get all my emotion. She knows if I am angry, or happy, or doubtful, or sarcastic. She knows the stories untold by me. I know her eyes very well too. I can see what is going on in her. When she likes something, her eyes glow. When she is sad, I can feel her sadness. She loves me like no one in the world can. We fight sometimes, but we cannot live without each other. She is my teacher. She is my doctor. She is my personal psychologists. She is a perfect adviser. She know when toscold me and when to patronize me. She is my everything. She is my mother.

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May you always be with me, Mom (I.A).

Easy, Quick and Delicious Russian Salad

I love recipes that are simple and require no fancy ingredients. So, I made Russian salad by following this recipe for breaking fast. I would have posted some pics of my salad, but didn’t got the chance to do so.

My salad looked something like this.



1 cup carrots (boiled)

1 cup potatoes (boiled)

½ cup of peas (boiled)

2 cucumbers

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp. castor sugar

½ tsp black pepper

4 tbsp. mayonnaise (heaped)

2 tbsp. cream

1 egg boiled


  1. Cut carrot into cubes and boil them. After they are boiled measure 1 cup of them.
  2. Similarly boil potatoes and peas. When boiled cut the potato into cubes. Measure 1 cup of them.
  3. Add all these boiled vegetables and cucumbers (cut into cubes) in bowl.
  4. Add sugar, pepper, cream, mayonnaise, and salt in it and mix.
  5. Use the boiled egg slices to decorate.
  6. You can also use salad leaves for garnishing.

Enjoy your yummy salad.


*You can also add apples if you like. I think fruits makes salads a lot more fun. You may use methods to present the salad in a better way. I mean you can try something like this.


Original recipe was by Shereen Anwar

Welcome Home!

Hey, everyone. Today I want to introduce some of my friends and family who have just joined WordPress  and I want to give them a warm welcome to our community.

P.S: You know how excited one gets when some close relative or friends joins your community.


Umph, umph.. Presenting to you my friends and family who are also now my WordPress family.

Very warm welcome to:

  1. My dear sister
  2. Meena
  3. Nageen Sohail


May you enjoy being a part of WordPress.


I would love that if you visit their blogs because all of them are amazing writers.

The Guilt of Negligence….My Frenemy

Whenever I have an exam or something, this guilt stays with me to keep me conscious. I feel guilt whenever I haven’t prepared properly for an exam. I feel guilty of wasting time. I feel guilty of acting immaturely. I feel guilty all the time. I mean at one hand it keep me doing hard work, but on the other hand it eats me. Eats me to the core. Stops me from what I am doing right in my path. Tells me things like I am reckless, lazy, unworthy….I mean it is both a friend and enemy. It is my frenemy….

I usually sit through my exam till the last minutes. Mostly it’s because I am still doing the quiz, but sometimes I sit throughout the exam so that after it finishes I will not tell myself:

“If you would have waited maybe something would have come to your mind.”


“See, that’s what you get for being over-efficient. Had you rechecked your paper, this wouldn’t have happened.”

So, this scolding machine inside my heads keep me doing the right thing. As I posted once that I consider guilt as a gift. Well, its not like I am deviating from what I said earlier. But….the frenemy thing needed to be mentioned.

Is guilt your frenemy too?


An Excerpt From Alan Weisman’s “The World Without Us”

IN A DREAM, you walk outside to find your familiar landscape swarming with fantastic beings. Depending on where you live, there might be deer with antlers thick as tree boughs, or something resembling a live armored tank. There’s a herd of what look like camels—except they have trunks. Furry rhinoceroses, big hairy elephants, and even bigger sloths—sloths?? Wild horses of all sizes and stripe. Panthers with seven-inch fangs and alarmingly tall cheetahs. Wolves, bears, and lions so huge, this must be a nightmare.

A dream, or a congenital memory? This was precisely the world that Homo sapiens stepped into as we spread beyond Africa, all the way to America. Had we never appeared, would those now-missing mammals still be here? If we go, will they be back?


‘Being a Teacher’ Means Much More Now

“Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock…”

-Every one of you is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock...-

Jobs come with responsibility. You can’t do any job without being responsible.

For example, being a construction worker makes you responsible for the safety and well being of those who live or will live in the building you construct.

Being a cook makes you responsible for the health of your family or those who eat your food.

Hence, you can’t say no to your responsibilities.


Lets come back to our topic. The responsibilities of teachers. Let’s list them.

  1. To educate the students.
  2. To respect them.
  3. To take care of their safety.
  4. To teach them morally and ethically.
  5. To teach them how to be confident, how to behave in real world, etc.

To make sure of their safety. What do we mean by safety? To make sure that students are kept safe and returned home safely.

Have you ever thought of teachers or professors as warriors?

Where there are recurring terrorist attacks, everyone is a warrior. May that be a sweeper, security guard, assistant, doctor, engineer, or professor.

We have seen professors, or teacher act like warriors against terrorists to protect their students. We have seen assistants fighting like soldiers on the school grounds. We have seen them sacrificing themselves for the safety of their children.

Who did that? The warriors and soldiers of Army Public School Peshawar and Bacha Khan University Charsadda, while these institutions were under attack.

Tahira Qazi, Principal of APS Peshawar, refused to leave school until the last child was rescued. She sacrificed herself for the students.

Lecturer Syed Hamid Hussain, an assistant professor of chemistry at the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, ordered his students to stay inside as Taliban gunmen stormed the school near the city of Peshawar, leaving at least 21 people dead.

Students told how he opened fire on gunmen as they rampaged across campus, giving the young people time to flee before he was cut down in a hail of bullets  (DAWN News).

May all these great warriors rest in peace! May Allah give patience to their families!

This is responsibility. Are we capable of fulfilling our responsibilities? Have we ever given enough thought to what extent we are responsible for whatever we are doing?