• Apostrophe(‘):
  1. To show possession. For example,  It’s mine.
  2. To show where a letter is omitted. For example, dancin’.
  3. To show plural forms. For example, three 7’s.
  • Bracket():
  1. Used to show additional clarification. For example, that girl(blond haired) is my friend.
  2. We can use to add additional clarification to quotations.
  • Colon(:):
  1. After an independent clause to give list. For example, Pakistan has four provinces: Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.
  2. To introduce a quotation. For example,

Sara: What are you doing?      3.  That explains what has just been stated: Our store has fixed      policy:        we will not be undersold.

4.Use a colon after the salutation of a business letter. For example,

Dear Dr. Lewis: To whom…..

5.Use a colon to distinguish chapter from a verse  in a Biblical citation, hours from minutes, titles from subtitles, etc.


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