Recycling Plastic Bottles Into Gorgeous Outfits

This particular thing caught my attention when I saw a dress Emma Watson wore for Met Gala 2016 which was made of fibers from recycled plastic bottles. By wearing this dress she made a statement that fashion can be done with sustainability.


Here is how the dress was made. Click here for a clearer info-graphic.


Many brands have made products from recycled plastic bottles. These include Nike, Patagonia, Re?think, etc.


Here is an infograph explaining how this is done.


In general the process goes as follows:

  1.  Post-consumer PET bottles are collected at communities and recycling centers.
  2. Bottles are baled and brought to a processing facility, where they are sorted by type (PET, HDPE, LDPE, etc.) and color.
  3. The PET bottles are then stripped of their labels and caps and washed to remove any adhesives and other possible contaminants.
  4. Then, the bottles are crushed and chopped into flakes.
  5. The flakes are then fed into an extruder, filtered, and spun through spinnerets to produce recycled PET fiber.
  6. The fiber is crimped, cut, drawn, and stretched into required lengths for baling. Baled fiber can be processed into fabric for a variety of textile products.


Click to access IFJ0213.pdf

Click to access Emma-Watson_Met-Gala-Infographic.pdf

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