Inspirational Hotspots for My Inspired Writing


If I do not feel inspired, I do not write. If someone asks me why haven’t you blogging from such a long time, I answer that because I was out of inspiration. In Urdu it looks awesome and goes something like this “Yar, amd amd nahi horahi.” So, I thought I should share some of my inspirational hotspots with you. Some of them are quite funny and I hope you would enjoy reading them.

  1. My most favorite inspirational hotspot is when I am riding home from university in a van on a car bench with 4 people sitting on it. Ideas pop up in my mind while I have my head and my arm out of the window (my shoulder is out too because of the lack of space).Squeeze
  2. Reading a book also inspires me to write. Especially when I am reading a novel.girl-reading-book-books-to-read-3325650-321-400
  3. Weather. Umm, I need no words for this one. Rain turns me into a philosopher.rain
  4. Sometimes I get inspired while I am making something. Check this out! One of my most prized possession. advanced-cook-like-a-pro
  5. Mostly, I feel inspired by the people around me. I love understanding human nature and it gives me ideas to write. My family and friends are my inspiration. Their love inspires me.209865-If-You-Are-In-My-Life-I-Am-Inspired-By-You-In-Some-Shape-Or-Form
  6. What goes on with my life is my biggest inspiration. If I learn something new, I have to share it.

Do you blog when you are inspired enough or are you a daily blogger? What are your inspirational hotspots?inspiration

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