Her Eyes…..

Her eyes don’t see me, but look through me. She carefully studies my face with those understanding eyes of her whenever I talk to her. It’s not like I don’t know she is studying me, I let her. I let her see into my mind. I like it. In front of her, I am open book. Her eyes get all my emotion. She knows if I am angry, or happy, or doubtful, or sarcastic. She knows the stories untold by me. I know her eyes very well too. I can see what is going on in her. When she likes something, her eyes glow. When she is sad, I can feel her sadness. She loves me like no one in the world can. We fight sometimes, but we cannot live without each other. She is my teacher. She is my doctor. She is my personal psychologists. She is a perfect adviser. She know when toscold me and when to patronize me. She is my everything. She is my mother.

hqdefault (1).jpg

May you always be with me, Mom (I.A).

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