What is Coral Bleaching?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term coral bleaching? Of course, you will think of the two words separately, “coral” and “bleaching”. Bleaching will mean to you turning something into white color. Well, if you thought in the pattern mentioned above you are right (I thought like that). So, what coral bleaching is, is best explained by this infographic by NOAA.


Now, your next question will be “What are the impacts of coral bleaching?” Here are some of the impacts this phenomenon has:

  1. Coral bleaching seriously effects the ecosystems that depend on them.
  2. Degradation of coral reef also effects the people that rely on them. People depend on reefs for food, income and enjoyment.
  3. Economically speaking, this event could cost $20 billion to over $84 billion in Net Present Value. The losses to tourism are the highest, followed by fisheries and biodiversity.reef-change-gif3

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