Humans are the biggest Enemies of Themselves


Ah… I don’t know why but whenever I this portion of wall around our university which fell down, when a large billboard from within our university fell upon it, I always think that man is the biggest enemy of himself. Although the billboard broke down due to thunderstorm, but hadn’t it been there there had been no destruction. We humans and our stupid little businesses. I am sorry but I am truly pissed off.


I know that doomsday is going to come for us because of us. God’s going to be angry at us for the limits we will cross like trying to achieve immortality. Seriously, do we have to interfere with every thing.

We human beings destroyed the atmosphere forming a hole in the ozone layer without even touching it :-O. Wow. There must be an heavy applause for us.

Just try to imagine. A race of at most 6 feet organisms are eating our Earth which has a radius of only 6384000 meters.


So true:-P

I think I need to drink some water because I am really pissed off with my own species.


P.S: I am not angry all the time. It’s just for today. Don’t be angry with me if you disagree.

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