Anyone wants to join in?

I want to invite you all to join Renewable Energy Initiative MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).  I have already joined it and I love it. It will be nice if you join in too.


The Renewable Energy Innovation (REI) MOOC is an action-based learningresource designed for anyone with an interest in finding ways to use renewable energy to fight climate change. You might be an educator, a budding entrepreneur, a researcher, a school or university student, or just an interested member of the public.

At the heart of the MOOC is our REI Challenge: can YOU help solve the most urgent problems that are a barrier to using renewable energy?

If you want to have a go and take action, we are here to help!
It doesn’t matter if this is action at a personal level, community level or in the business world – the REI MOOC can help you achieve your aims and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. (


For more info visit

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