How Can One Live Without Guilt?

If anyone doesn’t feel guilt, no matter what he/she does, it means that his/her soul is dead. If I see a little speck of guilt in somebody, I believe and hope that person will learn and excel in his/her life. I say, “Although that person did wrong, I know that she is not bad at heart. She is not bad. She’ll turn towards the right path someday. ” People who don’t feel guilty appear to me as soulless people. In such people guilt vanishes, only ego remains.  Their sense of right and wrong vanishes. They just wan’t what they want when they want. You can’t speak of truth in front of them. They won’t hear you. They will only drown you out with their loud voices and arguments.

So many things are said about happiness, confidence, and a large number of feelings. But a teacher of mine told me that you cannot achieve all good characteristics and cancel out the negative ones. We have to establish a balance between good and bad characteristic. For example, we cannot cancel out anger. Anger is essential at many points of out life. Likewise, guilt is an essential component of this balance.

Guilt is a gift of God. It makes you ponder on the sins you commit and makes you a better person. Guilt make you ask forgiveness. Guilt reminds you who you are and what you should be.


Holding yourself accountable is very good to some extent. If you hold yourself accountable for what you do or did, it will help you to improve yourself. If you’ll feel guilty and on error all the time, you’ll become an anxiety patient.

P.S: I am not talking extreme guilt cases. Only feeling guilty of your sins.


One thought on “How Can One Live Without Guilt?

  1. Psychopaths are said not to feel guilt.
    Robert Hare suggested 1% of the American population are psychopathic.
    Guilt is not from Allah it is from the human conscience which arose when we became self-aware.
    You admit as much when you say ‘holding yourself accountable’.


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