I just found out this amazing site and I had to share it (here).

Pencil Vs Camera - 72

Ben Heine is a visual artist who takes photographs and then makes drawings to overlay on top of them to alter their subject or environment. He overlays the drawing in a specific area of the photo, and then takes another photo of both the drawing and his hand holding it in place. The original photographs are already beautiful and sometimes rather other worldly, but the addition of his drawing,  as a sort of — on the one hand, playful comment or interpretation of the scene — and on the other hand, as an extension or augmentation of perceptual reality — creates an effect that is at once familiar and disassociating. It’s remarkable how, by his placing two 2-D elements together, he manages to produce a kind of 3-D “pop-up” book effect.

3 - Pencil Vs Camera for Art Official Concept

Pencil Vs Camera - 65

Sketch Fight (Pencil Vs Camera - 79)

Pencil Vs Camera (Study in Hong Kong Subway)

Pencil Vs Camera - 51



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