Too Big, Too Late

Big Animal? Extinct? Dinosaurs.

Well, that is correct, but there were many big animals that are now extinct.

Most of the huge animals disappeared after human beings came into being. The reason of extinction was over hunting (but some human lovers’ say the reasons were over ill and over chill).

I have collected the names and pictures of some of these huge animals.

Megalonyx jefersoni (1)WWBBook_MacraucheniaMegalonyx jefersoni


Megalonyx jefersoni (2)mammoth speciesMegalonyx jefersoni (3)sn-moa

Megalonyx jefersoni (8)

13756063Megalonyx jefersoni (6)Dire-Wolf-HD-Images-1Megalonyx jefersoni (7)Stag-Moose_02

P.S. I don’t know why I selected that heading. I know it is wrong,but it sounds so right :-P.

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