Thank God Exams Are Over!!!

Last exam. I slept only two hours at night. Woke up with the help of thousand alarm rings on the heads of my whole family.


So much syllabus, so much information to keep in my brain, and then write for 3 hours with my back aching due to posture and due to forcing my hand to write. Then, that awkward van with 12 people sitting in it rather than 9 (its original capacity). Oh, just imagine what was my condition when I reached home, and I knew that I had to prepare for the next consecutive paper.

And yeah I looked like a 40 year old lady during exams.

But, I got a great surprise too. I got a text message when I was going to start preparing for my ‘Chemical Hazards and Safety’ that the exam has been canceled and has been shifted to next week. I was so happy.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday was my last exam. So, I am free!! I have been eating all my favourite spicy and sour food (that I avoid during exams). 3 weeks break!! Happy independence to me!!


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