All Beautiful Colors A Lie

Fake: The beautiful red rose, the sunset, the sunrise, the clouds, the sky, and the beautiful colors in an artist’s painting that we love and admire.

imageColors don’t have there own existence. Put a beautiful red rose in dark and what’s its color, black.

The phenomenon of reflection, absorption, scattering, and refraction of white light gives colors to objects. Yes, only white light is real while the rest is fake and non existent. Scattering enables us to see the beautiful colors of sky. Reflection gives an object its color.


When I studied these phenomenons, I thought all the things we love are fake. Beauty is fake. The beautiful faces that you love today will be just bones when it dies. The beautiful hairs, eyes, all will go to dust. What matter is that we ignore our fake love and love what’s real. What’s real is that man wasn’t send to earth for nothing. God sent us for some purpose. We have to find and fulfill our purposes. Life is too short to enjoy. Life requires seriousness. Life requires good deeds. All the superficial things are fake. The rank you’ve got, the car you drive, and your life is all in hands of God. We don’t control anything. We love fake things. Non existent things.

So come out of the superficial and find out what’s real. Try to love the white light, not its dispersal. 


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