Lets Have Fun with Our Hectic Routines

If anyone noticed, I haven’t been posting for a while.

Reason: I was busy.

Explanation: Had to take Quizzes, make assignments, deliver presentations, and so on.


This semester there are no easy subjects, such as english, pak studies, and management. Science is all we study.

Studies start at 7 am and end at 1 am. I have no time to rest. My family feels ignored. I have no time to even listen to their problems. No time to keep my life balanced.


But what we don’t understand is that with difficulties and hardships comes happiness. Without work, there is no happiness. Life is the name of responsibilities and hard work. We cannot live a life free of hardships.

I have fun in this hectic routine. For example, I did an assignment on cadmium and its effect on the environment this week. I have learned so much from it. And yeah, this week I also got to know something new. Did you know that what this sign means?

Hint: It is present at the bottom of plastic bottles.


It depicts a code that predicts the harmful product that will be formed when such bottle, can, etc., is decomposed. This helps those who deal with wastes to take precautionary measures. I know all of you have seen such signs, like me, but you never knew what they mean. Isn’t it fascinating???


What happened this morning gave me such great joy. I had a quiz of the subject ‘Industrial Chemistry’ at 11 am in the morning. Although I had prepared my readings carefully and thoroughly, everything I learned was slipping from my mind. We were late for the test. Just before I was going to reach university, we got a text that the test was cancelled. Yay!!! I was so happy. God helped me out. The test was shifted to next week.

So you see, happiness can come to you even when you least expect it.

I enjoyed these tips.

Googly Gooeys How to Survive a Busy Schedule


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