The Return of the Attarians- A Short Story By a 14 Year Old

Yeah, you are right, that 14 year old was me :p (Well, I am a university student now) , and believe me there were billions of grammatical mistakes in this piece of story that I found out while cleaning a cupboard. I hope you will enjoy reading it or you’ll thinks that it’s stupid!

Hey, english isn’t my mother language. I am a Pakistani, remember. So, please forgive me for grammatical mistakes.

The Return of the Attarians


Well, what are you doing Joe?” I asked Joe as he was making a small car. He was always doing things like that and this was a thing that annoyed me the most.

“See. This car can move with a speed of 200 kilometer per hour,” he replied excitedly,”Isn’t it great?”

I didn’t like this question because I was never very interested in his little inventions, but I had to say, “Yeah, it’s fantastic.”

“I am feeling very tired,” I continued with such expressions that I knew would make him reply the same,”So, we should go to your room because you have an air conditioner in there.”

“Hmm, ok. Let’s go!” he said taking his newest invention in his hands.

His room was as scientific as he was. There were hundreds of cars, clocks, etc hanging here and there. I, myself, was quite girlish. You know, living in the world of castles, with long gowns, and hundreds of servants. I was always living in my imaginations, while he was practical.

“Please, wait here.” he said opening his backyard door.

“All right!” I replied while sitting in the couch.

“Oh my gosh!” he said. I waited for him to return, but then came a scream, “Sera!!”

I ran to the door but he wasn’t there. So, I stepped into the backyard.

“Sshh!!” came a voice. Joe’s voice.

“Why were you screaming?” I asked without giving him a chance to speak.

“I have seen ten strange people,” he replied and pointed.

“Hello,” a man came to us. His face was pale. His eyes were big, and he had wide lips. He was a feet taller than us. I didn’t like him much.

“How did you come her?” I asked.

“I’ll explain it all to you later on,” he replied with a very loud and grave voice, “By the way, I am not alone. I have many friends in there.”

“But…” I suddenly received a kick on my leg from Joe and I reflected, “Well, It’s nice to meet you.”

“I am also very glad to see the faces of modern age people,” he replied, “You two can come to our home. Our land is beautiful.”

“Thanks. Will you tell us about your land?” said Joe. I knew that he would be glad to accept such an invitation.

“Yeah, sure!” replied the man, “My name is Array. You can give my reference to them.”

I didn’t want any any more conversation, so I pulled Joe back into his room.

“You are silly,” I said,” We don’t even know who they are and what they are doing in your backyard and you..and did you pay attention to the word ‘modern age’?”

“That was very interesting!” he replied.

“Interesting? Now, what kind of interest do you have with the word MODERN AGE???” I asked angrily.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Sera,” he said trying to pacify me. He ran to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water in his hands.

To be continued…..If demanded…..

P.S: Ok. I am tired of typing and correcting this. Its like a short novel. I am just so tired today.

Please comment if you want to read more or even if you don’t.

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