Stop and Ponder

Sitting in the class, where we were talking about religions, a memory awakened in my mind. In order to make me understand that why do we need religion, my mother used to tell me, when I was a child, that whenever we buy a machine we are given a manual with it which explains how the machine works and what it can do, In the same way God is our Manufacturer and He has given us religion, and therefore a guide of how to spent our lives. We are made above all organisms because our brains not only process information, but also the ability to gain knowledge. Just because we have such a brain we go on in our lives and try to destroy nature. Just another day I was sitting in my geology class and my teacher, in a very light mood, said that an earthquake is nothing more than the relaxation of earth. This made me think of how trivial we are against all the things made by God. We cannot save ourselves from fire, water, earthquakes, volcanic eruption etc, not even from a mosquito with only one leg (I am referring to the death of the infidel Namrood by a one legged mosquito).  We are so trivial things and yet so proud of ourselves. We say that stars are not ever existing entities and they are continuously loosing energy. Why don’t we remember that our sun is also a star and is going to burn out someday? Like all things, the solar system will die.


We all know these things yet we behave like we own this world. We fight, we gamble, we put our elders into old houses, we lie, we cheat, we back bite, we make fun of others, we bully others, we hurt the people who love us and we do so many things that we can not even list them. We have very little time in our lives which is given to us so that we can please our God by doing good deeds. Good deeds not  only include  praying, but they also include helping others, being honest, following the rules, taking care of old people, taking care of the poor, helping others, etc.


We all aim to be a doctor, engineer, environmentalist, lawyer, G.M,  to be famous, to have a big car and lots and lots of money, but what we do not aim is to be a better person. When we do our daily routine by keeping it in mind that we want to please God and help His creations, then all the work that we do in our daily routine becomes a prayer.

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