Not Expected From a Hero…………

“So, you want him to fight and make his way out of prison with a knee that has been shot?????” my mother said, when I complained to her that the hero of “Legend”, Day, is not at all heroic. I told her,“You know, he was like fainting and June (heroine) had to drag him along by placing his arm on her shoulder. She had only a few seconds to escape and he was no help at all. What kind of hero does that?”

My mother was right. He may be a hero, but that doesn’t means that he is not a human. A human feels pain. We can’t deny that. The truth is by watching all those movies, one unintentionally thinks like that. We always see in Bollywood movies that the hero gets up even after receiving three bullets (so stupid. Isn’t it?).

giphy (5)

In Day, I find all the qualities that may not suite the idea of a hero. Such as, despite having muscular built he looses a fight. The way the writer describes it makes it look alright. She brings in the human factor. First, he is only fifteen. Secondly, he has not been properly trained. He has a great mind, but even a great mind needs tutoring and he didn’t go to school after 10 years of age. Justified, isn’t it?


Another thing we hate in a hero is that he is driven by his emotions, not logic. Day and Four are the two people that I have witnessed with this fault. I mean in the first two novels of “Divergent” series , you find Four being brave and powerful, but in the third one, you find him weak because his emotions overpower him at some point. Day’s behavior is justified again as he is only 15. Practically a kid.

Well, if you ask for an invincible hero. Jace Herondale is that hero. However, after reading about Will Herondale (The Infernal Devices), I started disliking Jace because he is way too perfect. May be I am not happy in any case.


Well there are many things that we like about heroes. For example, I like that in the end of Spider \man movies, the villain asks forgiveness from spiderman and spiderman forgives him. In a nutshell, these ideas are completely my own. You may know heroes better than I do,  and you may not like my judgement. So, this is what I think of heroes. What do you not expect from a hero???? 


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