Young Adult Dystopian Novels……..How Do I Analyze them??

Who doesn’t love dystopian novels?? At least, I know that I do. These novels are full of action and are so addictive. They benefit us in ways that we can’t imagine. They give us the sense that every individual has power and has the tendency to bring change in their system. Dystopian novels inspire people to question their authorities and not to follow any system blindly. Systems are to be followed, if and only if  they follow certain standards of morality and ethics. Too much good talk, eh? Now lets see “the faults in our novels” 😀


post-apocalyptic wallpaper

First and foremost, do children or young adults have to be the ones to read these novels? I mean there is so much bloodshed, use of weapons (Guns, Knives, Bows, etc.), and rebellious behavior. Its very natural that young people are at an very delicate age. These books give us a sense of being continuously at war (take Divergent Trilogy for example. There is  war in each of its novels). When we don’t have any thing to rebel against, its our parents that have to face our rude behavior. We think our rights are being denied and we rebel against things that are good or beneficial for us. 

Even I, who am quite a dependent girl, like this rebelliousness. I was so amazed by my own behavior when I read Delirium trilogy. In the first book the main heroine was shy, delicate, stressed, worried, and dependent and I was like, “I don’t like her. She is just like me!!”, and ” What’s the fun in that?”. In the second novel, however, she turned rebellious. She knew how to use guns, open locks, etc. Then, I liked her and on some of her dialogues I would say, “This is incredible.” So do you get my point??? 


I was once asked that what do you learn from reading novels. I replied that for shooting for a long distance you exhale and for shooting at a nearer target you exhale (I don’t know if either of these statements is correct because I don’t clearly remember my answer).



Secondly, I see that in such novels, and many other young adult novels, the writer’s build up characters do not act as people do in that age. I mean you know four right. Can you imagine in the movie an 18 year old four??? I can’t. I know that his situation molded him into this but the skills that he had and his seriousness, I don’t think any 18 year old can do it. However, the ages of characters of The Hunger Games were agreeable.

Lastly, sometimes reading so much destruction and bloodshed makes makes the reader  irritable and rude. Mostly I seek company in novels, but sometimes they give me a severe headache.

Death and Ruins Wallpaper

Don’t you think that we need novels that are a bit lighter. I mean why should children be shown a destructed world. Why be pessimistic, rather than optimistic about our species? We can show a world without violence and this may give good moral lessons to young people. Novels like Jane Eyre. I have moved on from this genre of novel. I feel that these stories are foolish. There is always a 15, 16, 17 or 18 years old hero and heroine saving the whole world. To me, these novels should be read, but at an age such as above 16. Early teenager shouldn’t be given these novel. Do you agree with me?


One thought on “Young Adult Dystopian Novels……..How Do I Analyze them??

  1. Well I personally believe it is very important for the adult to guide the younger generation about the appropiate marterial for their to read. But in this case a person becomes totally dependent upon “some one’s ” opinion which is not acceptable at all. However discussion with anyone (peer group, siblings etc) help alot to analyze the provided content.
    (P.S: very good analysis..:))

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