There was a time when I asked my parents that how can they tell anybody, whose relative died, who they do not know properly that we are so sorry for your loss and that the person who died was a very good or important person.

Now that I am few years older, I can understand their condition. I will explain my feelings by using some of my experiences.


A couple of weeks ago my van fellow told me that she had been absent in the last week because of her father’s death. In response I looked at her once and then bent by head down. I felt burden all over my chest. I couldn’t breathe easily. I then lift up  my head and looked at others who were listening. I met there gaze. At that moment I wanted to condole. I wanted to tell her that how sorry I was for her loss, but no words came. My mouth was dry. Usually I am  very talkative but at that time I could say nothing. The strength that she was showing was looking like a weakness to me. When I see strong people in these circumstances I think that I don’t know how hard they are trying right know. Like if I’ll break them if I will say something.

A few months back, I came to know that my class fellows mother died. When she came back to university I had to condole her. I went to her. I though of appropriate words, but there were no words. I just  lightly touched her shoulder and said ‘I feel sad about your mother’s death’.

I feel sorrow because now I can fully realize how important a family is. I love my family and I realize that as I am growing my parents are also aging. Now I feel the pain others are facing. Condolence has been recommended in my religion.


So please take care of your parents, you grand parents, and your brothers and sisters. Love them.


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