Thinking Enviromentally

As I have told before, I am a student of Environmental Sciences. I chose this field more out of chance than choice. But with time I have started to think environmentally!

So true:-P

So true:-P

This picture shows that I have started thinking like an environmentalist. Really, it’s just been 2.3 million years since human life began and look at the damage we have done already. We have intervened with everything. If ethicist say that all our policies are anthropocentric, then yes we are selfish. People throw the rappers in an area without laws for environmental protection, but where there are laws they act like the most civilized people. It was shocking to know that we are eliminating species at the rate of one specie per hour. This rate is alarming. We care about species that are not even known because their extinction can cause problem in evolution processes. Ecosystem has an intricate balance which  needs to be maintained.
We have to think about environment because nature is a gift. We cannot create replicas of nature. Due to ozone layer depletion our atmosphere is having dangerous effects. Global warming is also a very harmful phenomenon. By pollute freshwater we are lessening the 2% available water we have. We have to think before it is too late.
Here are a few things which can protect environment:
1. Every person should plant 1 tree in his or her   life.
2. Water use should be managed properly. Donot waste 2 gallons of water to brush teeth:-p.
3. Electricity should be used sustainably.
4. Food should be used in order to satisfy need rather than wants.
5. Air conditioners should be used at minimum  so that further depletion of ozone layer can be stopped.
5. Detergents should be avoided and eco friendly products should be used.
6. Use of nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuel should be done at minimum.


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