Silly though, I felt sorry for these villians!

I was reading the sixth and the last part of ‘The Mortal Instruments’ when I felt sorry for the villain of this book.

Sebastian Morgenstrene is the villain in this book. He had been experimented on by his father. His father injected him with demon blood. He naturally had a demon nature and after the death of his father he stepped forwards to kill all the demon hunters and rule in the world. As the story moves  on, it becomes apparent that he wanted to rule the kingdom with the company of her sister, Clary Fray(Shadow-hunter). He wanted someone to care about him. All his family hated him.

I felt sorry for him because the demon blood was nothing his fault. He was not given a choice. His mother should have tried to find him and teach him to be good. I mean being evil was nothing his fault.


And while I was feeling pity for him, another person shot through my mind. Voldemort. He was brought up in an orphanage and he later on came to know that his mother committed suicide.His exceptional personality, intelligence, and abilities als made me feels sorry for him. Even in this case I used to think that maybe if the past was any different he would be better than what he was.




3 thoughts on “Silly though, I felt sorry for these villians!

  1. I definitely felt sorry for Sebastian especially in those last few moments when he became the person he was supposed to be. I wanted everything to work out so perfectly in those few seconds of normality. It made me want to cry, honestly.


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