defaultvdeThis blog is the forum where I can put forward whatever I think about life and that is why I love it.
 I came home by flight a couple of days ago. This journey always makes me ponder about the reality of life. When we are in our home, we think that we will never forget it or be confuse about it, but when we go to some other place it becomes very difficult for us to imagine the moments that passed while we were at home. One may imagine them, but when imagined these places look like a dream. Sometimes when I am at some place I try to look at everything very carefully so that I can imagine everything as it is later on without any confusion, but I never succeed to visualize it as a reality and not as a dream. Sometimes I also feel bad about this feeling, but then I think that it is a gift from God Almighty. The reason for calling it a gift is that we cannot live our present without leaving our past. Forgetting leads one to learning something new.

Maybe some of you don’t agree with me but this is what I could made out of my experience.


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