I am happy and fully satisfied!

I was a student of pre-medical.  Like everyone else I wanted to be a doctor. I tried my best to take admission in a medical college, but failed. The merit closed at a score higher than what I had gained. I am a lover of biology,  so I was very upset.

I then applied for psychology in a university. When I was called for it, my father said that I must not take psychology as my subject. So I declined.

While I was preparing for MCAT in an academy I gave test for NTS. My mother repeatedly asked me that why I was giving this test and I told her that I was giving it without any particular aim. i wasn’t at all interested to take admission in any of the universities that asked for it.

It was I guess the last day for submission of the forms in an university. I told my father that this university  does not offer any subject that is related to biology except environmental sciences. I remember that when we got out it was raining heavily. I asked my father to stop but he didn’t stop from going to that university.  When we reached there I asked him to borrow a prospectus from anyone so that we can see the subjects they are offering properly, but when my father returned he had a new prospectus in his hand along with a form. I filled that form and we submitted  it.

Throughout the first semester, I cried  and tried to seek admission in another medical college. Just as I thought to apply in some other line which  is close to medical,  it came to me that it was not I who got me in this university. It was my God who led me this way, as I had asked Him to show me the way that is good for me. I realized that from that test that I used to get admission in this university to my admission, everything was predestined by Allah. After realizing all of this I stopped looking further. Later on as the semester passed I realized that this decision was the best for me.

So whenever in our lives something bad happens to us, we should always think that may be this was better for us. as it is said that whenever God  takes  anything from you don’t think that He is depriving you of something but think that God has emptied your hands because He wants to give us something better.

I took these pictures from I university.

wpid-img_20140412_134931.jpg wpid-img_20140412_134917.jpg


One thought on “I am happy and fully satisfied!

  1. wo ka kehta ha shair “In this crazy world of choices….. we have got few……. either you’re comin’ with me or i’m coin with you…..Because I finally founf you!!!!! ”
    P.S(you still are a wimpy kid……:P)
    you were not happy in the semester 1 because you didn’t have ‘special friends” ahem ahem …..:)


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