Allegiant is the third and last novel of divergent trilogy. It iswritten by Veronica Roth and published by Harper Collins in October 2013. The genres it is classified into are dystopia, science fiction and young-adult fiction.
The type of narration that the writer has used is of multiple narrators. There are two narrators in this book, Beatrice Prior (Tris) and Tobias Eaton (Four). Both are using first person narration.


About the author
Veronica Roth is an American novelist and short story writer. She is known for her debut New York best selling ‘Divergent trilogy’ which consists ‘Divergent’, ‘Insurgent’ and ‘Allegiant’. She won Goodreads favorite book award in 2011,andBest Young Adult fiction and science fiction.
Veronica Roth was born in New York city on 19thAugust, 1998. Her parents divorced when she was five years old. Veronica attended Christian Bible study. She married Nelson Flitch, a photographer, in 2001.

Educational background
Veronica Roth completed her graduation at Barrington High School. She then studied in Carleton college for one year. She left this college and continued her studies in Transert North-western University.
Other books
Other than Divergent trilogy, Veronica has also written these books:
• The World of Divergent: The Path to Allegiant
• Four: A Divergent Story Collection
• Hearken, a short story
After the fall of Jeanine Mathews, the video of Edith Prior is revealed which informs the citizens about a world that exists outside the fence. Tobias’ mother, Evelyn Johnson, has taken over the government and she has abrogated the faction system. As she is establishing the faction less system, a group of people who call themselves as ‘Allegiant’ are arranging a rebellion with the motto that the faction system must be re-established and people must be given the choice to go to the outside world. Tobias and Tris join them and escape through the fence along with some of their friends. In the outside world they are welcomed by Zoe and Amar. They lead them to the Bureau of Genetic welfare. There they meet David who is the head of the compound. David tells them that their city was nothing but an experiment set by the Bureau. He also tells them that due to the experiments which were made to turn people to the perfect form, make them intelligent, peace makers, selfless, brave and honest, resulted with genetically damaged people. He tells them that this lead to civil war in the country and now they are trying to maintain the experiments in order to obtain genetically pure people which arecalled divergent in their old city. A scientist whose name is Matthews asks Tris and Tobias to undergo genetic tests. As a result of these tests, it is revealed that Tris is genetically pure while Tobias is genetically damaged. Being depressed of this new identity, Tobias joins Nita and other GD’s in order to cause some damage to the Bureau. Nita reveals to Tobias and Tris that the compound was delivering the serums used for the genocide of abnegation people. Tobias does not know what the other GD’s are planning but still helps them. He results in the responsibility of the death of Uriah. During the attack by the GD’s, Tris accidentally looks like she saved David. David asks her to join them and she agrees. Tris then formulates an alliance against the compound and they plan to release the truth serum on the members of the compound in order to reveal the bitter secrets that they are hiding. Tobias finds out through the monitoring room that his father , Marcus Eaton, has allied with the allegiant and there is going to be a great war in their city. Tris finds out that the Bureau is planning to erase the memories of the people of Chicago city. Tris then decides that they will use the memory serum to reset the scientists of the compound. Caleb volunteers to go to the weapons lab,pass through the death serum, and release the memory serum. They inoculate themselves with the anti serum. Tobias goes back to the city in order to stop the war. As they are running out of time, Tris forces Caleb, her brother, to let her complete the mission. Although she survives the death serum, she is shot by David who was already in the lab. Even dying, Tris tries and releases the memory serum. Tobias settles the fued between his mother and father. When he returns he is told that Tris died. It takes him a longtime to accept her death as he loved her very much, The Bureau’s scientists are reset. After two and a half years, the situation is completely different. Tobias works as the assistant of Johanna Mason, the former Amity leader. Chicago is now a city in which people are not differentiated on the basis of thei genetics and are free to move in or out of the city.
Main idea
The writer is trying to explain that the race of perfection and solving of the problems in the wrong manner leads to destruction, rebellion, and wars, but the wise decision, concern and sacrifice of even a few people results in the betterment of the whole society.

How the writer makes the story convincing?

T he genetic damage that the writer has explained is convincing. The experiments they did resulted in the aggravation of one factor while the deprivation of the other, for example, the one who was highly intelligent lacked sympathy and emotions for others. I think that this is very convincing because whenever you try to alter the nature that God has made, it results in destruction.
Another concept that the writer gave is that selfless and brave are not that different. It takes one to be brave if he has to be selfless. A weak person can never be selfless. Like Veronica Roth mentioned in the motto of dauntless faction,
“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
Another thing that I find convincing is a line that Tobias said about Tris after she died. He said,
“Isuppose that a fire that burns bright is not meant to last.”
If we go back to the history of mankind, great warriors like Muhammad bin Qasim, who was only seventeen when he invaded Sindh, and Alexander the Great, who invaded more than half of the world, died at a very young age. Hence, this is convincing to some extent.
The sacrifice that Tris made for her brother was also very convincing. She did not saw her brother as a traitor who tried to kill her, but instead she saw the love he once gave him. It is true that no matter how much we hate our family or any of its members, but we cannot see them die.
The ending of this novel focuses that Tobias goes on with his life. He also accepts the fact that people can be mended and they mend each other. This is very convincing because it is true that with the death of one person the world does not end. The world goes on and we also have to adjust with it. One is also brave if he goes on with his life while engulfing the pain of loss.

Film adaptation
Summit entertainment has announced that Allegiant will be divided into two films, Allegiant part 1 and Allegiant part 2. Part 1 will be released on 18th March, 2016 while part 2 will release on 24th March, 2017. The film is being directed by Neil Burger. Theo James will be playing the role of Tobias and Shailene Woodley will play the role of Beatrice Prior.


4 thoughts on “Allegiant

  1. The genetic damage story is not convincing if you know anything about how genetics actually work. The biggest problem in this backstory that Roth made up at the last minute is that she clearly did not do enough research on the subject, and so her explanations about what the scientists tried to do and why the city experiments were set up this way are completely bogus and nonsensical.


  2. i really enjoyed reading aligaint but there a few things which cold have been better and the top of them is the mind of “Four” . Throughout the previous parts of this trilogy he was shown as the most “thoughtful perso bla bla bla….and them in the third part……. umm well n indeed lousy person…………


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