Nutritional facts about potatoes



We mainly associate potato as a vegetable which promotes obesity but we are unfamiliar with what a potato is capable of.  Lets discuss the nutritional value of potato.

1. Potassium:

A potato has potassium more than that of banana. Potassium is the part of every body cell. It helps to maintain blood pressure. It is also important for transmitting nerve impulses and for muscle contraction.
2. Vitamin-C:

It aids in collagen production, helps in Iron absorbtion, helps in healing wounds and keeps our gums healthy.
3. Fiber:

Fibers cannot be digested or absorbed by human beings. Soluble fibers help lower cholesterol.
4. B6:

one potato covers 10% of the daily value of B6 absorbed. It helps in the formation of non-essential amino acid . It is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin. It is also involved in carbohydrates and protein metabolism.
5. Iron:

It is the major component of hemoglobin. It facilitates the transport of oxygen, synthesis of enzymes, development of numeral system and controls the normal cell production.


Uses of potatoes

1. It is used for making medicines.
2. It is used by people who are having stomach disorders.
3. Potatoes are baked, fried or boiled and used on many recipes: mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, potato chips, potato salads etc.
4.Potatoes are used in pharmaceutical purposes, textile, wood and paper industries for as adhesive, filler, oil drilling, texture agent etc.
5. It is used as 100% biodegradable substitute for polystyrene and other plastics used, for example, disposable plates, dishes and knives.
6. Potatoes are also used for the production of fuel grade ethanol.


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